Your Guide to CBD Lollipops – Best Way To Consume Cannabidiol?

7th October 2019

A full overview of the latest trend to sweep the cannabis world – CBD lollipops. Including a review of benefits, side effects and the top ten products on the market.

Cannabidiol(CBD) edibles have fast become one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD, with new and novel edible products of all shapes and sizes are hitting the market every day. People clearly love their edibles and one such product which is ever-increasing in popularity in the UK are lollipops.

We’ll take a look into why these products are so popular as well as providing a guide to the best CBD lollipops on the market for you to try.

CBD edibles
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What Is CBD & What Does It Stand For?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid found exclusively in the cannabis plant. In the UK, CBD has become a popular health and wellness supplement and whilst it is available on the NHS as a prescription medication, it is still very restricted in who it's available too.

We've written a very detailed guide covering what is CBD, and who it can help. Be sure to leave us some feedback if you've any questions.

What Are CBD lollipops?

CBD lollipops are quite simply lollipops that are infused with CBD. A hard candy mounted onto a stick containing the cannabis extract.

CBD lollipops are an easy and discreet way of consuming CBD.

Benefits of CBD Lollipops

Like with all CBD products, CBD lollipops have their pros and cons when compared to other methods of consumption. CBD lollipops have risen to their popular status because of the benefits they provide, which include: –

  • Taste
  • Discretion
  • Easy to consume

Taste – CBD lollipops taste much better than just consuming CBD oil. They help mask the naturally earthy taste of CBD oil, making consuming it easier for those who may find the taste of CBD oil off-putting.

Discretion – One drawback for many people consuming CBD is that they aren’t confident about consuming it in public, especially with the stigma that surrounds cannabis. CBD lollipops bypass this by being subtle; looking like an ordinary lollipop with no signs of them containing anything remotely cannabis-based. Perfect for those who require discretion.

Easy to Take – CBD lollipops are clearly labelled with their dosage per lollipop, so you don’t have to worry about measuring your CBD oil out and performing any mental arithmetic. You choose an item with the dosage you need and consume it as you would any normal lollipop.

CBD Edibles

Bioavailability & Why It Matters With CBD Lollipops

Bioavailability is how much of a substance enters your bloodstream. If you were to consume 10 mg of CBD with a 50% bioavailability, then 5 mg of CBD enters your bloodstream. Effectively wasting 50% of the CBD which leaves your body as waste.

Edibles are notorious for having low bioavailabilities, around 20% on average because they enter the digestive system where the CBD isn’t effectively absorbed. When this figure is compared vapes and tinctures, which average around 70% bioavailability; edibles aren’t a cost-effective method of consuming CBD for most people.

However, lollipops are not your average edible. Because lollipops spend a long time in your mouth, the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream before it has a chance to enter the digestive system. Therefore, CBD lollipops have a bioavailability closer to a sublingual than other edibles.

Top Ten CBD lollipops

CBD lollipops are available in different sizes, flavours and strengths to suit different peoples’ personal requirements. The top ten CBD lollipops available on the market today are: –

Peace Pops

Sugar-free, fat-free and vegan nano-CBD lollipops consisting of 25 mg of CBD per lollipop and available in four flavours – Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon, and Apple

Green Roads

‘Revive your inner child’ with Green Roads’ range of delicious gluten-free CBD lollipops which contain 30 mg CBD and are available in six fruity flavours including black cherry and honey lemon.

Puur Brand

Full-spectrum CBD containing other sought after cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. This brand packs an outstanding 300 mg of CBD per lollipop.

Eddy Edibles

Brightly coloured with a swirl design, these funky lollipops are available in 30-piece multipacks to give you your months supply, packing 50 mg of CBD into each lolly.

Feel Good Edibles

From a company dedicated solely to CBD-edibles, you know their edible game is strong. The CBD lollipops from Feel Good Edibles contain 30 mg of CBD in each and are great value for money.


Available in a 200 piece box, these great tasting, hemp flavoured lollipops are the cheapest on our list. Possibly because there’s only 4 mg of CBD in each lollipop.

Nova Blis

Nova Blis Lollipops

No GMOs or artificial ingredients, Nova Blis pride themselves on being gluten-free and vegan provided 4 flavours at 30 mg a piece, including the tasty pina colada flavour.

Heady Harvest

Head over the Heady Harvest if you want an exceptional 9 different flavours to choose from. These CBD lollies are middle of the road with 30 mgs of CBD per serving yet the flavours certainly satisfy that sweet craving.


myCBD are another brand who blow their competitors away with a massive 300 mg of full-spectrum CBD per lollipop. Made with organic hemp and available with interesting flavours such as root beer and cotton candy.


Hemp Trails Lollipop

A pioneering name in high quality CBD products, Hemptrailz have an unrivalled product range. This includes their 300 mg CBD lollipops, making them the best value for money lolly on our list.

What Can CBD Lollipops Help With?

CBD lollipops will help with all ailments that are traditionally treated by high-CBD medical marijuana. Ranging from the secondary symptoms of chronic auto-immune disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease to reducing the number of seizures in patients suffering from certain types of epilepsy.

However, these (and edibles in general) aren’t used in a medical environment because the effects aren’t as instantaneous as other methods and the bioavailability is lower. This makes it more suited to be used as a fun way to take CBD as a general health and wellness supplement, particularly when used for: –

  • Stress management
  • Appetite and digestion
  • Pain and inflammation

Stress Management – CBD is known to be naturally relaxing, helping to reduce the stresses of day-to-day life. It is a popular form of self-medication for people combating mental health conditions including anxiety and depression.

Appetite and digestion – A common side effect of all cannabinoids is that they affect appetite. Making them useful in helping people with eating disorders. CBD is also known to aid the natural digestion process and is very handy for people with Crohn's disease.

Pain and inflammation – CBD is a natural way for people to combat chronic pain conditions that don’t involve taking endless pharmaceutical medications from you GP that may be addictive or have unwelcome side effects.

Are CBD lollipops an Effective Solution?

CBD wouldn’t have gained the status it has done if it doesn’t work for people. Blair Gibbs formerly of the Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC) has stated that, [CBD wouldn’t have gained]

“1.3 million regular users if people weren’t buying it, spending £25 a month or more if they weren’t receiving some benefit.”

Every day, more trials into CBD and medical cannabis are being conducted that reveal the true benefits of CBD. In November 2018, CBD gained the status of medication in the UK, after being added onto the list of medication available for prescription.

Key Takeaways

CBD lollipops are certainly a novel way of consuming CBD. At first glance they appeared to just be a trend, but now they are showing up everywhere and their popularity indicates they are here to stay.

They certainly aren’t for everybody. But, if you require a fun way to take a pre-measured dose of CBD that is discrete to use, then CBD lollipops may tick all the boxes for you.

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