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CBD For Anxiety

CBD Oil For Anxiety – Side Effects, Research, Uses and Risks

Feeling worried or fearful of a potential future event, even if it is mild and seemingly insignificant, is classified as anxiety. Anxiety generally breeds more …

Endocannabinoid System

A Complete Guide To The Endocannabinoid System

A Complete Guide To The Endocannabinoid System Science class taught us about many different systems; a …

CBD Oil For Pain

CBD Oil For Pain – How CBD works and why helps

Step 1 – Stub your toe on the corner of the couch. Step 2 – Express …

CBD Oil Benefits, Side Effects and Uses

From news articles, podcasts and YouTube videos it seems that everybody in the UK is talking …

CBD For Nausea

Can CBD Oil Help Relieve Your Nausea?

CBD and Nausea go hand in hand. Nausea is that uneasy discomfort in the stomach often …

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Hemp Powder | Seeds | Oil

Hemp Protein Powder

What is hemp protein powder and why is it the new health trend everyone is talking about? There are many misconceptions surrounding the wonderful plant …

CBD Travel

Using CBD to Relieve Holiday Stress

Children and adults alike look forward to Easter breaks with great gusto. After the Christmas holiday, the springtime celebration of Easter is a time of …

Story about Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds for Health – More Than a Protein Punch

Seeds have long been major players in the superfood league. Chia seeds have been a staple of many diets for a few years now. But …

how long does CBD stay in your system?

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

For fans of the cannabis extract, cannabidiol (CBD), the question remains how long does CBD stay in your system. The reason this question is asked …

CBD for Athletes

CBD for Athletes – The Key to Relaxing After a Game

CBD usage in sports is ever increasing. There is worldwide recognition of the potential benefits of CBD for athletes and mounting acceptance in the sports …

Kosher CBD Products

Kosher CBD Products – Where to Get Them

Products Cannabidiol or CBD has gone mainstream. It’s highly regarded as an extract that can help with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and mental well-being. The …

CBD to improve your sex life

CBD to Improve Your Sex Life This Valentines

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we here at Candid Magazine decided to take a look at the positive effects Cannabidiol (CBD) can have on your love …


CBD for Exam Anxiety – What Is the Best Formof CBD for Students

With exam season looming, could CBD be a solution for exam anxiety? CBD has proven to be very effective in helping students, especially around exam …


CBD Oil For Autism – Could It Be A Complementary Treatment?

Is CBD oil a useful treatment for autism? Autism is a developmental disability that directly impacts a person’s ability to communicate and relate to other …


Medical Cannabis for Arthritis Pain — the Ultimate Guide

Experts have discussed the use of medical cannabis for a variety of health issues — it helps alleviate the symptoms of everything from anxiety to …


CBD Oil for Blood Pressure

Wondering if CBD can help reduce your blood pressure? Or are you worried it’s just another snake oil in disguise? Well, then this guide was …


UK’s First Medical Cannabis Prescription Secured

Cannaray has announced the fulfilment of its first UK medical cannabis prescription. This follows a £7.8 million Series A funding round in 2019 for the …


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