Top 10 Gifts for Yourself on Valentine’s Day

7th February 2022

Like Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, it's time to treat yourself. This year, Valentine's Day is all about you! At Candid, we want you to have the best possible Valentine's Day; yes, even if you're spending it alone. Therefore, we've put together a list of Valentine's Day gifts that you can buy the most important person in your life – yourself. Love is love, and we're firm believers in the fact that this includes self-love. So, this Valentine's Day, sit down, relax, and unwrap a few goodies – from your favourite person, to your favourite person.

What Gifts Should You Get Yourself This Valentine's Day?

Why stop at just the one gift? This Valentine's Day, go all-out and treat yourself. The gifts don't have to be expensive. Whether you're looking for a new CBD e-liquid, or want to treat yourself to an all-inclusive cinema pass, we've put together several ideas. With our list of Valentine's Day gifts for yourself, there's no doubt that you'll have an excellent February 14th. Now, on with the list!

Treat Yourself to a Cult Fragrance

You know and love these fragrances – a whiff is enough to turn your head on a crowded street. This Valentine's Day, give yourself the gift of a cult fragrance. With so many options on the market, you can opt for the more popular options (Baccarat Rouge 540, anyone?), or steer towards a more niche alternative. No matter your selection, you'll have secured your signature scent for the foreseeable future; it doesn't get any better than that!

Skincare Products Are the Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Yourself

At Candid, we believe that self-love and self-care are almost interchangeable. Therefore, this Valentine's Day, why not treat yourself to a bit of both? After all, it's time to clear out your skincare shelfie, and replace those old, tired products with options that actually work. This Valentine's Day, make one of the gifts for yourself a brand-new skincare gift set – Poko's Timeless Skincare Gift Set, to be exact. Retailing at just € 70, it contains three Poko favourites: the Correcting Eye Cream, Soothing Serum, and Regenerating Moisturiser. It's suitable for all skin types, and is a great way to pad out your current skincare routine, giving your skin a little more goodness.

Silk Pillowcases This Valentine's Day? Yes, Please!

Is there anything more luxurious than falling asleep on a silk pillowcase? Plus, they're so good for your hair and skin – when changed regularly, of course. Therefore, this Valentine's Day, drift off to bed on your very own set. These pillowcases come in a selection of different prints and designs. While we're partial to neutrals (they go with everything!), we have no doubt that you'll be able to pick up a pair to match your favourite duvet set. Among our list of Valentine's Day gifts for yourself, this suggestion is one of our favourites. Try them for yourself, and thank us later!

Moisturise Your Skin and Reinvigorate Your Muscles With a CBD Balm

Some of us have hit the ground running this year, striving to meet and exceed new gym goals. Whether you're lifting heavy or pounding the pavement after a long day at work, don't forget about your muscles! Enter the ECS TopiCalm CBD Balm – a little bit of magic in a jar. If you're a fitness fanatic looking for Valentine's Day gifts for yourself, why not pop this into your gym bag? It's made with organic hydrating ingredients, like beeswax and Shea butter. These ingredients help to keep your skin moisturised and healthy, even after the most intense weight-training session. It also contains 500 mg of CBD, which could help tackle inflammation and reduce DOMS the next day.

cannavape ecs topical balm

Want Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Yourself? Try a Subscription Box

Subscription boxes really are the gifts that keep on giving. You can curate them to what you like, be it wine, vinyl records, or socks (of which you can never have enough). This Valentine's Day, consider getting yourself a subscription box as a gift. Sure, you'll like whatever's in it, but it'll also be a bit of a surprise. In terms of Valentine's Day gifts for yourself, we'd say that this ranks pretty high up there! Plus, you'll be able to broaden your horizons while you're at it – what better way to discover your new favourite scented candle?

Forget Valentine's Chocolates; Try CBD Gummies Instead

Valentine's Day chocolates are a thing of the past. This year, we're manifesting improved mental health, clarity, and better sleep. But what's the best way to go about this? CBD gummies, of course – especially the ones from our friends at Canndid. Prices begin at just £ 14.99, making them an affordable option for everyone. They're also a tasty way to get a hefty dose of CBD (up to 25 mg per CBD gummy). Made with concentrated fruit juice and natural flavours, they're a great addition to your wellness routine– a guilt-free sweet treat for Valentine's Day and beyond!

Canndid CBD Gummies

If You're Stuck for Valentine's Day Gifts for Yourself, Try a New Desk Chair

We know, we know – this sounds like such a practical gift, even if it's a gift for yourself. However, if you really do have everything, then you probably don't know what Valentine's Day gifts to give yourself. Hear us out; with so many people living that WFH life, doesn't a dedicated desk chair sound absolutely brilliant? No more making do with dining chairs, or the poor lumbar support of a well-worn couch. Not only will you feel loads better, but your back will thank you and your productivity levels will skyrocket (but don't quote us on that last bit).

Elevate Your CBD Experience With Some CBD Oral Strips

We'll be the first to admit it; we know that CBD products are a dime a dozen. However, at Candid, we know an outstanding product when we see one. If you want to treat yourself to something a little different this Valentine's Day, then we have just the suggestion. Look no further than the Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips. Available in three delicious flavours (Berry Mint is our personal favourite!), each pack retails for € 12.50, and contains up to 25 mg of CBD per strip. For fast absorption, discretion, and overall just immensely cool packaging, try the offers from Elevar Leafs today, and never go back to tinctures again!

elevar leaf cbd oral strips

Get Valentine's Day Gifts for Yourself and a Friend!

The best experiences are the ones you share with a loved one. Even if you're chronically single, there's no reason why you can't celebrate Galentine's Day (or Palentine's Day, for that matter). Don't limit yourself to the usual getaways; expand your horizons and consider different adventures. Paintballing, axe-throwing, or even an afternoon racing around a track with a go-kart could all be amazing experiences. This way, you aren't just getting Valentine's Day gifts for yourself – you're also making memories with a friend. If you want to make things even more fun, consider coming up with a group activity, and decamp to your local for pints and cocktails after!

Unwind With a New CBD E-liquid

If you're partial to vaping your CBD, then you'll know how difficult it can be to find the perfect e-liquid. You want something fairly strong, but that's certified, free from THC, and that tastes good. Enter the Slemberry CBD E-Liquid from Canavape, a delicious option packed full of CBD. Each bottle contains 400 mg of CBD, making it the perfect option for most vape enthusiasts. Plus, its flavour profile features Sicilian lemons and a selection of berries – easy on the palate, and easy to love.

cannavape pinklemonade

Throughout the month of February, our friends at Canavape also want to help you treat yourself. Therefore, they're offering a 15% discount code for Valentine's Day – whether you're buying gifts for yourself, or for someone special. Simply enter VALENTINE15 with your purchase, and get 15% off the total. It's valid until February 28th, so go forth and treat yourself!

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