What Can Hemp Do?

What Can Hemp Do?

Hemp is, without a doubt, the world’s most versatile, multifaceted and multi-talented plant. In the greatest…
Benefits of Hemp Clothing - Why is it good for you?

Benefits of Hemp Clothing - Why is it good for you?

Thanks to fashion designers like Korto Momolu, hemp clothing is having a long-overdue revival because of…
CBD Oil Vs Hemp Oil - The Ultimate Guide

CBD Oil Vs Hemp Oil - The Ultimate Guide

Hemp Oil and CBD Oil are different substances with completely different properties. In this article we…
How To Start A CBD Business In The Beauty Sector

How To Start A CBD Business In The Beauty Sector

Thinking of starting a CBD beauty brand in 2020? Well, we want to help your business…

What Are Hemp Clothes Trends for 2022

Only a few years ago, mentioning that you were going to start wearing hemp clothes might …

sources of protein for vegetarians

Sources of Protein for Vegetarians: 14 of Our Favourites

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’re probably used to people’s sudden interest in your protein intake …

hemp oil for horses

Hold Your Horses, Hemp Seed Oil Is the Newest Trend for Your Horse’s Health

The equine industry is one of great competency and pride. It’s no surprise that the ways …

industrial hemp farms

Industrial Hemp Farms in the US: What You Should Know

A number of young Americans are now switching career paths. Instead of more conventional careers, they …

Hemp Powder | Seeds | Oil

Hemp Protein Powder

What is hemp protein powder and why is it the new health trend everyone is talking …

Growing Your Own Hemp

Growing Your Own Hemp

The hemp plant is a fascinating, versatile crop with a rich and varied history. This renewable …


Hemp vs Cotton — Which Is Better for the Environment?

Is hemp better than cotton? Hemp is making waves in the fashion and textile industries. Sure, …

Hemp Milk

Hemp Milk, Can It Help Your Skin?

We are strong advocates for the hemp plant. Whether it is adding hemp oil to our …

Levi’s Replace Cotton With Hemp

Levi’s or Wrangler? Oasis or Blur? Back in our youth decisions like these all came down …


The 5 Best Hemp Shoe Brands

Our conscious decision to move away from fast fashion and towards ethical, sustainable fashion is making …


Can Hemp Pollen Save the Honey Bee?

Devastating news broke across America in 2006 when beekeepers reported astronomical declines in colonies with up …

Xmas Hemp Gift For Her

5 Hemp Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

We all have that special someone in our life whom we want to impress at Christmas …

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