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Your Guide to CBD Lollipops - Best Way To Consume Cannabidiol?

Your Guide to CBD Lollipops - Best Way To Consume Cannabidiol?

A full overview of the latest trend to sweep the cannabis world – CBD lollipops. Including…
What Is CBD Coffee And The Top Brands Who Sell It

What Is CBD Coffee And The Top Brands Who Sell It

Everything you need to know about CBD coffee and a guide to the best companies who…

CBD Water, What it Is & Why You Have to Try It

The latest craze in the world of health and wellness is CBD water. Whether you’re aware …


The Best CBD Edibles for You Based on Your Star Sign

Self-care has never been so important to humanity. This is evidenced from the millions of people …


The 10 Best UK CBD Chocolate Brands of 2020

Chocolate is melted into the very fabric of our culture. You can find it in every …

Little Rick

Could this CBD drink replace your usual?

February is a tough time. Everyone is still a bit broke from Christmas, and dreading the …

CBD Mocktails

3 CBD Mocktails for Dry January

Just because you’re doing Dry January doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some seriously tasty tipples. …


Are Women Swapping their Glass of Plonk for a Cup of CBD tea?

Rebekah Hall, entrepreneur and founder of Botanic Lab is a fresh-faced poster girl for the wellness …

CBD extract

Is CBD Oil Halal or Haram?

More than 2.6 million UK citizens who identify as Muslim must ensure that any object they …


The Perfect Millennial Combo – CBD and Food Trucks

Food trucks are now more popular than ever among millennials in the United States, they’ve even …

Image: SonNo 1420 website

US Distillers Releasing “hemped” Drinks

Every few years there’s a cocktail that takes the world by storm. Often a TV show …

water and cbd

CBD Water – Trendy or Here to Stay?

These days you can seemingly put CBD into anything, topical creams, food, beer, and now, even …

cbd and pasta

Does adding CBD to food actually work?

The recent trend of adding CBD to food and drink is having a huge moment – …

cbd cocktail

It’s CBD Happy Hour (Without The Hangover!)

Did Someone Mention Cocktails? Summer time is very nearly here, we can already smell the BBQs, …

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