With Encasa Botanics, CBD Is for Everyone!

24th November 2021

At Candid, we have our fingers on the pulse re: everything and anything CBD. Therefore, when a little bird told us about Encasa Botanics, a new (and impressive!) CBD brand, we knew we had to try it for ourselves. Over the course of a week, we tried two of its bestsellers – Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil in both 750 mg and 500 mg. But did these products stand out among their competitors, or were they in a league of their own? We know it’s cliche, but read on to find out!

Encasa Botanics: What Is It, Really?

Founded by a firm belief that CBD is for everyone, Encasa Botanics set about creating a selection of good-quality products. While we only tried its premium CBD oils, a quick look on its website had us impressed! Its products range from £2.85 for a single, CBD-infused honey stick (and doesn’t that sound delicious?) to £56.99 for a full-spectrum CBD oil, with reasonably-priced offerings everywhere in-between.

Plus, it promises good-quality CBD, no matter your product of choice. According to Encasa Botanics, each product is rigorously tested, which helps certify that it’s safe to use, and that its THC levels comply with UK and EU regulations. Given that Encasa Botanics is a fairly new CBD company, its selection is fairly niche – and impressive. We’ve mentioned its CBD-infused honey sticks and its CBD oil, but it also manufactures and stocks CBD e-liquid, and a selection of topicals (bath bombs and massage oil, for the curious).

With all this in mind, it should come as no surprise that we were absolutely delighted to try its Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil! And here’s what we thought.

What Were Our First Impressions?

We’ve all been there, especially when trying out a new product: first impressions can make or break the entire experience. Thankfully, we’re happy to report that our first impression was this: Encasa Botanicals lived up to the hype. Both CBD oils came in small, yet sturdy cardboard boxes, labelled with the product name and its strength. Prior to unboxing, this helps differentiate between the two products, which could come in handy, especially if one household buys products of varying strengths!

If you’re a CBD enthusiast, you’ll know this much is true: it’s tough to improve on a CBD oil bottle’s design. However, Encasa Botanics has managed to do just that. These bottles are genuinely very attractive, with a clear glass body, and a wooden cap. The white dropper adds a nice contrast to the mix. Together, the combination is something you’d see on the potions shelf of a Harry Potter film set – pure cottagecore vibes. We loved it!

The labels on the bottles described the ingredients: full-spectrum organic hemp extract, and MCT oil. We also found out that Encasa Botanics makes its CBD oils with CBD extracted from the hemp flower (from Switzerland, no less!), which explained the terpene-heavy notes. Plus, these products only contain organic, vegan-friendly ingredients, so everyone can use them. 

We also noticed that the bottles emanated a slight terpene-y scent. There’s no doubt that CBD enthusiasts will absolutely love this; after all, it’s a tiny teaser of what’s to come, once opened. However, this also means that it might not be very discreet, especially if you’re not living that #WFHlife anymore. With that said, the bottles are truly an elite touch, and upon unboxing, the Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil truly lives up to its name! Did we mention that the bottle cap just fits perfectly between your fingers, twisting on and off beautifully? That’s a yes from us!

encasa botanics cbd oil

Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil Just Hits Different

While we’ve tried and reviewed CBD products before, these offerings from Encasa Botanics definitely stood out. These products lived up (dare we even say exceeded?) their first impression. That tantalising terpene-rich scent only meant one thing – we had to try it. So, over the course of the week, we set about doing our research, first availing of the 750 mg option on Sunday evening, to combat the Sunday Scaries.

In its packaging, Encasa Botanics helpfully included a guide to taking the CBD oil sublingually – including a handy tip about using a mirror to meet your mark. Having previously dabbled in CBD flower, we’ll be the first to admit it: this oil tasted like a liquified version of that. While this might not be for everyone, it was quite pleasant, and went down fairly easily. We also found it rather warming, when held under the tongue, but that might just have been at the prospect of not being able to talk for 60 seconds.

The results were fairly interesting. While we wouldn’t exactly say that we slept better, we definitely woke up feeling well-rested. Over the course of the week, though, we began to attribute this change to the 750 mg version of the Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil. It also got much easier to consume – and it even got to the point where no mirror was needed. 

But what about the 500 mg option, we hear you ask. Fear not, we tried that, too. However, we did things a little differently with this one. If you work from home, you’ll know that it involves copious amounts of coffee, which can also lead to some serious jitters. To combat this, we used the 500 mg Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Encasa Botanics, mixing a few drops into our flavoured coffee syrup. Not only did this go down a treat, but it also meant that we didn’t see little drops of oil on the surface of our cold brew.

Did it help with the jitters? Definitely. Even three large glasses of homemade cold brew couldn’t induce the shakes. This was an excellent addition to our routine – and with even more CBD to look forward to before our bedtime, who could complain?

Should I Give These Products a Shot?

In our humble opinion? Yes, the Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Encasa Botanics is definitely worth trying – no matter which strength you prefer. Plus, the bottles are works of art, especially if you’re looking for the whole package!

While CBD works differently for everyone, these were clear winners in our book, as the little terpene flavours really made the experience. Therefore, if you’re a CBD enthusiast looking for your new favourite product, you won’t want to miss out on these little gems!

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