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Flying With CBD Oil To The UK

Are you Flying to the UK with CBD Oil? Here’s Everything you Need to Know

Wallet? Check. Passport? Check. CBD oil? Hhmm…Can I? There are certain items we must have before we leave for the airport and CBD oil is …


CBD vs THC – Side Effects, Benefits and Uses

CBD vs THC – Side Effects, Benefits and Uses With the awareness and the arguments about …

CBD Drug Test

Will Taking Cannabis Oil Make You Fail A CBD Drug Test?

Will consuming CBD oil is going to make you fall on a drug test? Find out …

CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil – All You Need To Know

CBD has become a cultural phenomenon in the UK as new scientific research backs up years …

Is CBD Legal In The UK

CBD Oil in the UK, Is It Legal?

A full breakdown of the law regarding CBD oil and its various products, including a timeline …

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Hemp vs Cotton — Which Is Better for the Environment?

Is hemp better than cotton? Hemp is making waves in the fashion and textile industries. Sure, hemp is a versatile and durable fibre, but is …


Chongz Molly Flower Bong – We Love It, You Will Too!

Olivastu are the latest potrepreneurial brand to catch our eye. After exploring their online store we were struck by two things – 1. How unbelievably …

Hemp Milk

Hemp Milk, Can It Help Your Skin?

We are strong advocates for the hemp plant. Whether it is adding hemp oil to our skincare products or adding hemp seeds into our diet …

CBD Brownies in a mug

CBD Brownies-in-a-Mug

CBD is an incredibly versatile substance with a range of benefits that people can enjoy. It can be easily ingested, too, in a range of …


We Tried the 24 Hour Green Cleanse Challenge

We all know that eating more greens would be better for us. But, still, it can be difficult to work up the motivation. Obviously, we …


CBD Water, What it Is & Why You Have to Try It

The latest craze in the world of health and wellness is CBD water. Whether you’re aware of the buzz surrounding this controversial, yet widely misrepresented …


Three Hot Takes on Cibdol CBD Products

When we received a box of top CBD beauty goodies to the Candid Magazine office recently, there was a rush to get the delivery open …

Beauty Treatment UK

Where to Get CBD Beauty Treatments in the UK

There is no doubting the surge of the CBD skincare industry in 2019 as products from CBD bath bombs to CBD-infused facial scrubs have taken …

Edibles for You Based on Your Star Sign

The Best CBD Edibles for You Based on Your Star Sign

Self-care has never been so important to humanity. This is evidenced from the millions of people around the world who look into the microscopic aspects …


Best CBD Oils to Treat Symptoms of Eczema

We’ve seen an explosion in offerings between CBD and skincare over the past couple of years. And more and more people are becoming aware of …


System Of A Down Bassist Opens Weed Business

Shavo Odadjian, bassist for heavy metal band System of A Down, has just launched his very own cannabis lifestyle brand in Arizona state known as …


The 10 Best UK CBD Chocolate Brands of 2020

Chocolate is melted into the very fabric of our culture. You can find it in every shop, workplace vending machine, and almost every cupboard in …

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