Where To Buy CBD Oil – Places In The UK To Avoid & To Buy From

9th October 2019

CBD oil is the present-day wonder drug, one that’s devoid of all the negative characteristics of its sister compound, THC, and only has positive effects. It is being widely used in the treatment of various neurological disorders like anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, since the time it has been legal in the United Kingdom. It is used in chronic pain and treating inflammation as well. But where is the best place to buy CBD oil? And where are the places we should all be avoiding?

Since the time CBD has been made legal, there have been multiple products that have been launched which have made it extremely confusing for consumers to find the right one for them. CBD products are selling quickly and the industry is estimated to reach $1 billion by 2020.

With such high figures at stake, there are a lot of brands and manufacturers that have launched their versions of CBD and hemp oil on to the market. Currently, CBD oil is being sold legally as a nutritional supplement in most countries including the UK.

The only constraint that needs to be followed is that the CBD oil should have less than 0.2% THC as an ingredient. THC, of course being the component that gets you high.

You can buy CBD oil online and also offline through high-street stores. There isn’t a lot of regulation in place which means not all products are of the highest quality and have the right quantity of CBD. Therefore, it’s important for customers to know the exact composition of the CBD oil and only buy the products that are lab tested and have the verified stamp.

CBD Oil Benefits

Buying CBD And What Needs To Be Considered

If you use CBD oil as a relief inducing element, then you need to be sure of the product that you are buying. Here are a few things that should be considered before buying a CBD product, and more specifically, CBD oil.

Look for Third-Party Lab Results

The CBD oil needs to be thoroughly checked and tested by a reputable and recognised lab to ensure that the potency and purity of the product is what it should be. The lab testing is done to make sure that the actual composition of the product is what‘s written on the label so that the consumers receive the right product. Therefore, as a customer, look only for those products that are lab tested and avoid the ones that aren’t.

Understand the Composition of CBD Oil

For any product you are using and consuming that goes inside your body, you should be aware of the composition and how it works. CBD is the non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant and has multiple therapeutic effects. It is very different from the high inducing part of marijuana and contains zero to negligible traces of THC. It’s that type of cannabinoid that’s beneficial to people who want to use it for medicinal purposes.

Extraction Method Used

CBD Oil Extraction Processes
Another important factor to consider is what extraction method was used to extract CBD from the hemp. Today, the most popular methods are using CO2 or ethanol which is the most high-quality method to extract CBD. Some manufacturers also use alcohol, which is what needs to be avoided.

Broad-Spectrum and Full-Spectrum

There are two types of CBD that are for manufacturing, broad or full-spectrum and isolate. Full-spectrum CBD includes other cannabinoids as well and works as what is known as the entourage effect. It has the maximum positive effects of cannabis and works in synergy with other compounds. CBD isolate includes 99% CBD and does not have any other compound, with zero THC. For people looking at maximum therapeutic benefits, it’s best to go for broad or full-spectrum CBD.

Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

This is one of the most prominent grey areas for CBD consumers. Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD or any other cannabinoids and is widely available online as well as in stores. These contain nutritious elements like fatty acids and are made from pressed hemp seeds.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is made by using CO2 extraction on hemp plant’s flowers and leaves. It has a high quantity of CBD and a lot of other cannabinoids and is primarily used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

With CBD becoming legal around the world, a lot of manufacturers sell hemp seed oil in the carrier oil and not the CBD oil. The therapeutic effects are highly diminished and there can be negative effects of hemp seed oil as well.

Is CBD Oil Available on Amazon?

Most of the CBD oils on Amazon are hemp seed oil products. There are organic as well as full-spectrum hemp seed oil products available on Amazon.

However, no CBD oil is available for purchase on Amazon. Amazon does not allow CBD oil to be listed on the platform and therefore, one needs to very careful about the products while searching for CBD oil on Amazon.

Things to Avoid While Buying CBD Oil

There can be a lot of confusion while deciding the best product when it comes to CBD oil since a lot of brands sell under misleading advertisements. There are high chances of hemp seed oil being advertised and sold as CBD oil. Therefore, there are certain things that one needs to avoid and be careful of while buying CBD oil.

The first and foremost is to be aware of the brands that make false claims that their CBD oil can cure ailments and diseases. CBD has been approved by the FDA for therapeutic purposes but in no approval has it been said that it is a cure. It has health benefits that aid in the treatment of certain diseases but is not a cure for any. Therefore, it’s critical to avoid companies that sell under the banner of their CBD products being an absolute cure.

Secondly, it’s also extremely important to refrain from being a victim of pyramid schemes or what is more commonly known as multi-level marketing schemes that demand a subscription fee. There is no assurance of the quality of the product and there are high chances of the entire scheme falling apart at any moment, taking all your money with it.

Buying CBD Oil Offline

CBD products are available for purchase in street stores. These can be purchased off the shelf directly. In the UK, Holland & Barrett were the first high-street store to stock CBD oil.

Key Takeaways

To summarise, it’s important to know the product before making the final decision. To make the best of CBD, understand how it works and what needs to be considered before buying it. CBD oil is still an overwhelming arena due to the lack of awareness, but that is fast changing with the widespread acceptance of the product in health and wellness treatments. CBD is legal in the UK and can be bought from high-street stores.

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