Will Taking Cannabis Oil Make You Fail A CBD Drug Test?

10th October 2019

Will consuming CBD oil is going to make you fall on a drug test? Find out everything about drug testing and how you can avoid it. Consuming CBD Oil due to many benefits has become a very popular choice of many and it doesn't affect your work results, even it improves them so why then to fall on a drug test. Read this article and get familiar with drug tests and how CBD can trigger a positive result in purpose to prevent it.

It is getting more and more common for candidates and full-time employees to have to perform some form of drug testing. If failed it can potentially lead to a lost job, so should people who take cannabidiol be worried?

Can CBD Oil Make You To Fail A Drug Test?

While extremely unlikely, it is technically possible to fail a drug test after consuming CBD oil. This is because the majority of CBD products contain a negligible amount of intoxicating THC. And although the amount of THC is so small that it is impossible to produce a high feeling, it is still potentially traceable in certain drug tests until fully eliminated from the body.

How Do Drug Tests Check For Cannabis?

CBD drug tests, what actually happens when you are tested? The most common drug test apparatus used is either a urine sample or a saliva swab from the mouth. Some labs can test for any presence of THC regardless of quantity, but the majority will only reveal its presence if it is above a certain threshold.

The threshold of THC in the body must be below 50 ng (nanograms)/ml. To get anywhere near this amount you would have to consume in excess of 2000mg of CBD oil. To put this into perspective, most people consume anywhere between 25 mg and 200 mg a day. So by the time you’d gotten around to consuming 2000 mg, most of it would have already dissipated from the body.

Does CBD Oil Contain THC?

CBD oil in its natural state contains a negligible, trace amount of THC but some manufacturers choose to isolate the CBD completely (CBD isolate) leaving only cannabidiol, or isolate the THC completely (broad-spectrum oil), leaving all the other cannabinoids, terpenes etc remaining in the oil.

Can You Prove You’ve Taken CBD Oil and Not Marijuana?

You cannot prove conclusively that you took CBD rich cannabis oil rather than THC-rich cannabis. None the less by keeping the receipt, packaging, and even your bank statement showing the transaction, you can show that you are using CBD oil.

CBD Drug Tests – 3 Reasons It Can Make You Fail A Drug Test

  • CBD Oil With THC
  • Accidental THC Contamination
  • Mislabeled Products

CBD oil with THC

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids including THC and as such, although negligible, THC may show up in your urine and blood for a short period of time.

Accidental THC contamination

Because the current CBD market is largely unregulated, some manufacturers and retailers may knowingly or unknowingly sell a product marketed as pure CBD oil isolate or broad-spectrum CBD oil when in fact it contains THC.

For this reason, it is so important that you only purchase oil from a source that can supply genuine 3rd party lab-tested results confirming the contents of their products.

Mislabeled products

A manufacturer who produces both CBD oil that contains THC and one that does not, in the same factory, has the potential to mislabel their products and accidentally mislead their consumers into potential trouble.

For this reason, the more reputable manufacturers who adhere to consumer safety standards such as UK manufacturer Canavape should be chosen over unknown manufacturers and retailers.

How Long Will CBD Oil Stay In Body?

How long CBD stays in the body is known as ‘CBD half-life’ and is dependent on which method was used to take CBD, whether its vaping cbd oil or ingesting it orally and the person's own metabolism rate.

According to a paper published by researchers from the University of Nottingham, UK, The half-life of CBD is:

Sublingual ( drops under the tongue)1.97 – 2.4 hours
Oromucosal spray1.4 – 10.9 hours
Oral capsules2- 5 days
Intravenous24 hours
Smoking / Vaping31 hours

For full elimination of CBD from the body, a study of 14 patients who took 700 mg of CBD concluded that it can take anywhere between one day to just over a week.


It is unlikely that CBD oil will result in a failed drugs test but it is possible because of the trace amounts of THC contained in it. That being said, the negligible amounts within may not show up in tests that look for certain quantities of it (>50ng/ml).

Other drug tests, on the other hand, in which any trace of THC is detectable will fail unless it has been eliminated from the body.

The time for THC to leave the body can be up to 30 days as shown in chronic users of THC-rich cannabis but because CBD oil contains such minute amounts, it is likely that it will be eliminated from the body much faster.

For those who cannot take any risk of failing when drug testing occurs but must have cannabidiol in their diet for medical reasons, buy ‘CBD isolate oil’ from a reputable manufacturer (such as Fourfive CBD) who performs third party cannabinoid analysis will ensure you pass every time.

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