Life-changing CBD hacks for Women that will Give you Serious Swag

6th September 2019

You’ve heard of boob tape – double sided gaffer tape that pulls the breasts up and keeps the cleavage pert. Sure you have! Stuck zipper? – yanking it for 10 mins can leave you in a lather – fear not rubbing soap along the zipper is your answer. Stray hairs ruining your slick look? – use vaseline or your lip balm to smooth those unruly and rogue hairs. Matching your skin tone to your underwear is a must – wearing nude shoes to give you amazonian legs. The trusty hairdryer can serve as an eyelash curler and a clothes decreaser did you know?

Above are just a few I have used as a personal stylist (you are welcome!) however over the last year there’s been a less conventional addition to a stylist’s toolkit that is taking the industry by storm – CBD.

There are so many style hacks but this year the hack du jour comes via an acronym.

CBD going to new heights

Celebrity stylists know better than anyone else because they're behind the scenes and have tried and tested solutions that actually work.

Big names in Hollywood styling like Karla Welch – a force in the fashion world who dresses the likes of Karlie Kloss, Ruth Negga, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Cindy Crawford and Olivia Wilde have raved for a couple of years now about using CBD oil to relieve foot pain and making wearing high heels on the red carpet more bearable. It took Melissa McCarthy at the 2019 Oscars to really bring it to the fore – she slathered it all over her toes before walking the red carpet and told everyone about it. It’s not just for fancy shmancy events – try it in lotion, balm or oil format if you know you are going to be wearing uncomfy shoes for a period of time. It will work a treat. Rub it on the soles of your feet – it really eases bunion pain too.

How does it work?

Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, lotions, balms and oils containing cannabidiol have been utilised to potentially help relieve pain caused by wearing high heels—something that comes in handy considering the hours any actress puts in for a major press tour or award season circuit. I have tried it, it not only makes heels more tolerable but your feet won’t hurt the next day! You swag will be on point at the races, at the wedding, out for dinner or down the pub.

CBD is killing it in Hollywood

This year alone there were increasingly more documented uses of CBD on the red carpet, be it stylists like Kate Young, who told The Hollywood Reporter about her affinity for dosist pens, to help relax before awards night, or this year’s Oscar gift bag. As Forbes reported last month, the famously luxe gift bag for the event’s 2019 nominees, distributed by L.A. marketing company Distinctive Assets, came packed with several different CBD- and cannabis-infused products to test-drive. This included products from cannabis skincare line High Beauty, edibles from Coda Signature, and a membership to MOTA Los Angeles.

CBD for mindfulness – sometimes it’s hard to be a woman!

CBD has the potential to relieve stress and quell anxious thoughts.

Scientific and anecdotal evidence shows that CBD has the ability to trigger the release of pleasure hormones that relax the mind. These hormones enhance the reduction of stress levels by causing a peaceful calm that is experienced throughout the body. In addition to relieving stress, CBD can help with other problems like anxiety and insomnia.

CBD is an unobtrusive, efficient, and safe therapeutic aid for stress because it also combats the underlying issues. Usually, if stress is not relieved, it evolves into other problems like anxiety.

Stress can be a minor issue at first, but can eventually become a larger problem that leads to insomnia, severe anxiety, and other problems. This is turn can lead to lethargy, bad skin, headaches and a downward spiral of negativity could ensue. Although there are many conventional therapeutic aids for stress, they are not always effective on all patients. Some of them have side effects while others can be addictive.

Hollywood stylists are seeing that maybe adding it to their coffees or inserting under the tongue via a tincture on more stressful days can give effective relief and really make a difference.

Apart from relieving foot pain the compounds other benefits are being recognised. It can treat menstrual cramps and if you are menopausal it is a game changer. The yummy mummy brigade are ditching the vino for CBD too.

CBD is also said to help the body’s sexual inhibition system and work harmoniously with the body. CBD oil and CBD lube helps women more easily achieve orgasm and enjoy the sensations of physical contact. Women can communicate more honestly and openly with their partners as well, leading to a deeper connection and more intense pleasure.

CBD love thy skin

CBD oil also gives an extra layer of protection, helping skin fight against everyday wear-and-tear.

Did you know that cannabis oil contains all 21 known amino acids? Plus it’s rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 which are vital for our internal body and skin. These acids help combat daily problems that our skin is the first to take on, whether it be from inclement weather, sun exposure, dry climates, UV or other daily factors. The major component in CBD, is an antioxidant that is even more powerful than Vitamin C,E,A or omega 3 fatty acids. The anti-inflammatory properties are also perfect for wrinkle reduction, anti-ageing and adult acne.

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

If you’re the type of woman who prefers holistic medicine and a more natural approach to healing, CBD oil can offer many medicinal, beauty and psychological benefits to help replace or supplement traditional medications. Practical too – balances your chakras, gives you your daily dose of wellness and a mean swag on heels if you so desire!

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