Losing Weight Causing You Anxiety? Try CBD to Help You During the Process

1st November 2019

We all want to look good and with Christmas party season looming there is even more pressure to look our best. Losing weight takes time though, and a lack of immediate results can make us feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Celebs can call on personal trainers to push them into losing weight but for the rest of us, we’re pretty much solely relying on self-motivation.

Thankfully a well-known plant cannabinoid has been linked with both weight loss and anti-anxiety effects which may help get us into shape before Santa arrives.

Does CBD Make You Lose Weight?

The truth is that scientists do not know conclusively if cannabidiol can help you lose weight because there has never been a ‘CBD weight-loss human double-blind placebo-controlled study’.

Nonetheless, there has been a lot of research into the effectiveness of CBD as a weight-loss supplement in animal studies (because adult rats share genetic, biological, and behavioural traits similar to us). One such study concluded that:

“CBD induced significant dose-dependent reductions in total food intake”. – Farrimond et al., 2012

CBD Weightloss

In a human double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial into cannabidiol (epidiolex) anti-seizure effects, weight loss was noted as a side effect. In fact, 16% of patients reported having a reduced appetite with a further 2% reporting a reduction in weight.

The current thinking is that cannabidiol has an effect on receptors located in the human gut and brain that influence our desire for food.

CBD Anti-Anxiety Effects on Weight Loss

CBD is well known for its calming anti-anxiety effects and studies show that consumers purchase CBD primarily for this reason as well as for its pain-relieving properties.

As a result, it would be logical to assume that a person more relaxed and with less pain might be encouraged to be more active, get out more, and subsequently, lose weight by this increased activity.

How CBD may help with weight loss and associated anxiety

CB1 receptors in the body regulate food intake and CBD can inhibit this receptor, therefore, lowering the desire to eat more.

Stimulation of CB2 receptors has also been shown to have anti-obesity effects.

Comfort eating is something a lot of us do to feel better and CBD antidepressant anti-anxiety properties may lower this want.

CBD neuroprotective anti-anxiety effects may help you be more relaxed, less anxious and more confident in your body leading you to venture out more and work towards a better version of you.


Studies suggest CBD may help reduce your total weight by interacting directly or indirectly with receptors in the body.

Suppression of appetite was reported in human studies as a side effect of CBD and in animal studies where CBD was administered, there was a noticeable reduction in weight.

CBD anti-anxiety effects will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin as you work towards a greater you.

Lab-tested full-spectrum CBD oil is the only oil that can guarantee you the full, non-intoxicating yet potent effects of cannabidiol, and it just might make this a Christmas to remember.

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