How CBD in Your Diet Can Help You Shed that Extra Weight

26th October 2019

Atkins, Keto, Paleo, you name it and I’ve tried it. The number of different diets I’ve tried is topped only by the number of diet books I have in my house. Some of them still awaiting that special day when I finally open them and read the disappointment within.

Fad diets tend to work, but only on a very temporary basis. The truth is, statistics show that while you may lose weight initially, as soon as the diet is over you will get back up to your old weight, plus a bit more. So what are your options?

What Diets Should I Try?

Firstly, let's be honest with ourselves for just a minute. We don't need books to tell us how to diet.

If anyone asked your opinion as to what they needed to do to lose weight your answer would be something along the lines of:

  • Eat more fresh fruit and veg
  • Eat less processed foods
  • Eat fewer takeaways
  • Exercise more
  • Limit wine o’clock to the weekends

How CBD Can Help

Clinical trials are lacking but scientists in Berkshire showed how adult rats who were given CBD had a reduced appetite compared to placebo. In fact, the researchers said that “CBD induced significant dose-dependent reductions in total food intake”.

As to the exact mechanism of action that occurs during CBD consumption, scientists are still unsure but it has something to do with CBD's ability to interact with receptors in the body either directly or indirectly.

How You Can Add CBD to Your Diet

If animal studies are replicated in humans then CBD will become a staple part of the diet. Thankfully while we wait there are so many ways you can add CBD into your diet.


In the morning you can add CBD to your coffee, tea and even your smoothie. 10-25 mg of CBD tincture drops into your drink is perfect or simply buy CBD infused tea and coffee.

cbd coffee


For lunch why not try UK brand Temptation CBD hummus and carrot sticks. Thirsty? Try Humphreys CBD juice which comes in a wide range of delicious flavours.


Try spreading CBD infused honey onto some toast.


It's hard to go cold turkey from your old ways, so to keep your blood sugar levels up why not have some CBD gummy bears as a treat during the day.

When you're watching your favourite program later on in the evening, how about some delicious CBD chocolate – there are so many different varieties available in the UK.


Existing evidence suggests cannabidiol may help to rid some of that excess weight. If data from published research is anything to go by then anyone looking to get fit and healthy would be best served by adding CBD into their daily diet.

There are numerous ways CBD can be taken such as capsules, edibles, vaping, drops under the tongue and much more. There is certainly something to suit every palate.

Take small steps to a new you and know that CBD can help you get there!

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