Everything You Need to Know About CBD Skincare Products

22nd May 2020

The science is in. After years of testing, we finally know that CBD skincare products are highly effective in improving the look and feel of one’s skin. A recent study found that a test of 20 patients significantly enhanced the health of their skin by routinely applying CBD oil.

You might be wondering how you can take your skincare game to the next level with CBD oil. Luckily for you, we’ve done our homework and looked at the latest research on CBD skincare to find out how you can use CBD to improve your skin—read on to find out more.

Why You Should Use CBD In Your Skincare Routine

There’s plenty of evidence that CBD oil for skin poses legitimate health and vitality benefits. For example, CBD oil is one of the most effective natural remedies for anti-aging and removing wrinkles from the body. Similarly, CBD oil has the power to alleviate itchy and sensitive skin and can even clear up skin affected by acne and other blemishes.

In other words, CBD oil is basically an all-in-one solution for improving the look and appearance of your skin without any harsh additives or chemicals. Therefore, there’s virtually no reason not to incorporate CBD oil into your skincare routine.

One of the key skincare benefits of CBD cosmetics is that CBD inhibits the production of sebum on the surface of the skin. An abundance of sebum causes blackheads and pimples to pop-up due to clogged pores. When you apply CBD to your skin, it flushes out the sebum and allows your pores to breathe freely and achieve a deep and nourishing cleanse.

What Is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation of “cannabidiol”, one of the naturally occurring chemical compounds in cannabis flowers and hemp plants. Although CBD cannot get you high, it is found in marijuana and plants belonging to the cannabis family.

CBD is a medicinal substance taken to improve one’s mental health, immune system, and general sense of wellbeing. Usually, CBD is consumed in the form of an oil or an edible.

CBD Skincare Benefits

There are many reasons why you should consider using CBD oil on your skin. Below, we’ve listed a few of the most commonly-cited reasons for using CBD oil as a part of a holistic skincare routine.

  • Improves eczema
  • Eliminates wrinkles
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Improves dark spots
  • Gets rid of acne

The health and appearance benefits listed above are commonly cited as the top reasons for using CBD oil. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the benefits to see how they work.

Eczema – Eczema is a chronic skin condition caused by inflammation and irritation of the skin that can create a burning sensation. CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that has demonstrated the potential to reduce skin damage caused by eczema such as cracking and excess dryness.

Wrinkles – CBD beauty products have natural anti-ageing properties that can get rid of wrinkles and give your skin a younger and healthier appearance without any harsh chemicals. The antioxidants in CBD oil infuse in the skin to diminish wrinkles, tighten the skin, and conceal much of the damage inflicted by free radicals.

Stretch Marks – CBD oil and hemp oil have long been used to reverse the signs of stretch marks on the body, especially around the hips, belly, and breasts. Although CBD cannot erase them, it can reduce inflammation to bring down the purplish pigment of the skin caused by stretch marks.

What is CBD?

Dark Spots – Many people with acne-prone skin end up with dark spots where their acne used to be. To help remove dark lines and spots on your face or body, you can apply a thin layer of CBD oil, which reduces inflammation and makes it easier to conceal them with makeup.

Acne – CBD oil is perhaps most widely used to clear up acne. Since acne is driven by inflammation in the skin, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil can reduce the signs of a breakout and can reduce the redness around acne scars. Also, CBD oil clears out excess sebum from the surface of the skin which unclogs pores and prevents acne breakouts.

Causes of Acne
Causes of Acne

These five cosmetic and health benefits are a few of the main reasons why so many people are turning to CBD oil to enhance their skincare routine. If you suffer from inflammation-related skincare issues such as acne, wrinkles, and eczema, you might see benefits from a CBD skincare product.

Are CBD Beauty Products Safe?

Yes, CBD beauty products are safe to use for adults and children alike. Since CBD oil does not contain THC or any other additive that can get you high, CBD poses no risk if consumed. CBD is a natural substance that is non-toxic and you cannot “overdose” on CBD or any other cannabinoid.

However, there is some evidence suggesting that you shouldn’t combine CBD oil with pharmaceutical medications. If you’re currently taking medications, you should first check in with your doctor or a healthcare professional to see if CBD oil is right for you.

How to Choose the Right Cannabidiol Skincare Products For You

When shopping for a CBD oil product, you should check the label to ensure that its made with broad-spectrum ingredients to get the full benefits of the oil. However, CBD isolate products are also highly potent and have similar health benefits as broad-spectrum solutions.

If you need something a bit stronger than broad-spectrum CBD oil, look for a cannabidiol skincare product made with CBD isolate. Isolate is the purest form of CBD that takes effect faster than regular CBD oil. However, regular CBD oil and CBD isolate both offer the same skincare benefits, such as acne relief and dark spot removal.

What Are the Best CBD Skincare Products

If you’re in the market for a CBD skincare product, you’re in luck. Below, we’ve listed a handful of our favourite CBD cosmetic products that nourish skin cells and have been scientifically proven to enhance the look and feel of your skin.


The PokoCBD lineup of skincare products is hands-down our favourite. Best known for its Correcting Eye Cream and Soothing Serum, PokoCBD provides cruelty-free, vegan skincare products loaded with CBD to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Although we were sceptical at first, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the PokoCBD website lists every ingredient in their products. What’s awesome about this company is that every product is all-natural and is included for a single purpose: to nourish, hydrate, and soothe your skin. That’s why you will find wholesome ingredients like argan oil, aloe leaf juice extract, green tea, oatmeal, and, of course, cannabidiol, in every product.

  • Every ingredient is listed on the PokoCBD website
  • Avocado oil tightens skin via collagen production
  • Green tea extract protects against sun exposure
  • Moringa oil reduces signs of scarring

Joy Organics

Backed by a money-back guarantee, Joy Organics is one of the best CBD skincare product manufacturers on the market. Every product, including its skincare creams and salve sticks, are packed with premium-grade hemp oil that delivers a hearty dose of CBD with every application.

What we love most about Joy Organics’ creams is that it was highly moisturizing and left out skin feeling fresh and new every time we put on another coat. Although the product left a thin residue after we washed it over, it wasn’t irritating and it made our skin glow for hours afterwards.

  • Made with the finest quality THC-free CBD oil
  • Products are bundled with other amazing CBD products
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin at the same time
  • Comes in a sleek and easy-to-open container

Aspen Green

We love Aspen Green for many reasons, but perhaps none more than the fact that they carry such a diverse range of CBD-infused skincare products. From body balms and cooling creams to body butter and back bars, Aspen Green carries it all. Plus, every product is loaded with pure CBD with less than 0.3% THC, which has no psychoactive effects.

The body balms by Aspen Green provide fast-acting pain relief while delivering a soothing full-body sensation. Every product contains therapeutic botanical extracts and organic seeds to provide support and pain relief to your bones, joints, and muscles, as well as your skin.

  • Every product contains 1000mg of CBD
  • CBD oil infused with botanical extracts for deeper penetration
  • Cleansing, nourishing, and hydrating formula
  • Can be applied to the entire body, not only the face

Charlotte's Web

The experts at Charlotte’s Web have come out with an all-new CBD cream blended with coconut oil, arnica, and aloe that’s guaranteed to alleviate dry and itchy skin. If your skin is getting a little too dry, just dap on a thin layer of this CBD Coconut Lotion skincare product and watch as the irritation fades away in seconds.

Every bottle of Charlotte’s Web cream comes with 300mg of hemp extract, which is loaded with pure CBD and vitamins B5 and E to provide extra nourishment. The only downside is that this product is intended for bodily application only, and it’s intended for application on the face.

  • Smells like fresh aloe
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky residue
  • Contains no synthetic ingredients
  • All ingredients are GMO-free

Although you can’t go wrong with any of the products we’ve listed above, our favourites are far from the lineup of PokoCBD skincare products. The proof is in the ingredients. While many other CBD skincare products contain harsh additives or conventional skincare ingredients, PokoCBD is loaded with premium ingredients like argan oil and green tea extract to make your skin look and feel its best. 

Final Thoughts On CBD usage for Skincare Products

There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in CBD skincare products. Whether you have dry, itchy, and red skin, or crystal-clear skin, you can benefit from the health and wellness benefits of CBD-infused creams and moisturizers. High-quality CBD oils and creams shield your skin from harsh UV rays from the sun and prevent the onset of wrinkles, acne, and dark spots.

Plus, applying a layer of CBD cream feels nothing short of amazing. To understand the magic of CBD skincare products, you’ve got to try them out yourself. Even if you have picture-perfect skin, nothing feels better than moisturizing your skin with a coating of CBD oil-infused cream or Coconut lotion at the end of a long day.

We recommend any of the products listed above to help clear up your skin, alleviate itchiness or inflammation, or protect against wrinkles. However, after getting our hands on all of these fine products, we suggest checking out PokoCBD first simply due to its long slate of premium ingredients.

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