Do CBD Beauty Products Actually Work?

1st May 2020

Shrouded in mystery, acronyms and jargon, Candid Magazine dissects what CBD really is and how it is used in skincare.

It’s Poorly Understood Isn’t It?

Big beauty companies seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of what’s trending and embracing the green space. They wouldn’t invest megabucks surely without doing their due diligence. They know right that CBD serum won’t get you high?!  Of course, they do. Do you know that CBD serum won’t get you high?

Why Do CBD Beauty Products Resonate?

CBD sits at the perfect intersection of a few of our current preoccupations; wellness, natural beauty and a general feeling of anxiety.  It’s quickly moved from a hippy-dippy product into the realm of beauty dominance to something that's seen as slick, sophisticated and luxurious.  There's even a new über-luxe brand, Beboe, which is being touted as ‘the Hermès of marijuana' Stateside.

Why Is CBD a Hot Commodity?

It's only recently that research has started to emerge suggesting the benefits of CBD – hence why it's seen as the hot new thing.

“Studies have shown that we have something called an endocannabinoid system, which stimulates certain responses within your cell receptors. It affects your skin, brain, lungs – it's quite far-reaching,”

So says Samir Juneja, owner of a CBD beauty brand in London called CBD of London.

These receptors in the endocannabinoid system known as CB1 and CB2, have the sole purpose of processing cannabinoids, which means your body is always ready to absorb the benefits of CBD. CB1 is found in the brain and nervous system (CB2 is found in more of the peripheral organs), which sheds some light as to why it can help quell anxiety and ease stress.

Samir Juneja, left behind a career in pharmaceuticals to start CBD of London. She knows a thing or two about CBD.

CBD of London creates ground-breaking formulations blending the latest science innovations with naturally inspired ingredients, delivering according to their website, “ pioneering products which visibly restore and enhance the appearance of the skin, offering truly unrivalled results.”

Based in north London, in trendy Hoxton check them out.

“CBD is found in the different varieties of cannabis that exist,” explained Juneja. These include hemp, indica and sativa. CBD, however, is not psychoactive.

What Benefits Can CBD Skincare Offer?

“I always say CBD offers a three-pronged skincare approach – it's anti-ageing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory,” Juneja.

“In terms of an antioxidant on the skin, it provides a missing particle that a free radical can bond with, stopping it from going on to cause DNA damage. As for anti-inflammatory properties, we know that skin ageing and inflammation go hand in hand, and CBD helps to combat oxidative stress.”

Should You Try Hemp or CBD?

Hemp is a long-standing beauty workhorse, and plenty of the other ingredients commonly found in facial serums and creams alongside hemp like Vitamin E, tocopherol and hyaluronic acid have brilliant restorative and rejuvenating properties – they just might not have CBD properties. Hemp cream is fine but CBD properties are better.

What Does Vogue Say About CBD?

A Vogue article Introduced the magic of CBD cream to the world of High Fashion with Adele on the front cover back in Sept 2017.

In addition to raving about vape pens as design objects and James Beard award-winning pot pastry chef, Vogue was already in love with topicals and creams infused with CBD oil:

A couple of titles that have clickability and shareability down pat!

Why Californians Are Using Cannabis to Get High at the Gym – Vogue

Why Cannabis Creams Could Save Your Skin—And Your Sex … – Vogue

People starting to sit up and reconsider its uses and it created such a buzz in a plethora of industries. CBD become a hot commodity.

The Path to Serenity

If it’s the path to serenity, you are after maybe add a drop of your tincture under your tongue. CBD skincare is not going to do that for you. People who struggle with inflammatory skin conditions may benefit from using CBD as an effective skincare option. There is still ongoing research about CBD’s influence on your skin, but the results and benefits that are discovered so far have been promising. It’s on Vogue’s radar for a while – not only that big brands would not part with money if their accountants couldn’t see a return on investment.

They cannot be blowing smoke up our proverbial CBD.

Time will tell. Community of CBD enthusiasts do share your CBD beauty products experience with us.

Have you tried CBD beauty products?

What are your thoughts?

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