World’s first Hemp Sunglasses from Bonny Scotland

3rd September 2019

Sam Whitten owner of Hemp Eyewear, a Scottish-based eyewear brand is the world’s first hemp fiber eyewear brand that handcrafts all their glasses from Hemp.

They are super cool and stylish too. 

Sam did his due diligence and extensive research and found that sustainable materials and industrial hemp was hands down one of the most renewable, eco-friendly and diverse materials on earth. 

Mushrooming CBD industry has hemp explosion behind it. 

People in Scotland are definitely learning more about hemp and understanding the benefits of the industrial crop. The CBD trend is really helping the industry as well here. 

Sam commented: 

‘We are based at a creative hub, the biscuit factory in Edinburgh where every pair of sunglasses is handcrafted. We use handheld tools and spend hours and hours sanding down each frame to achieve a high quality and smooth finish.’

Take shade in Hemp

‘Our leading edge technology is very clean. We combine organic hemp fiber with a water-based resin which allows us to make our solid hemp material. Remarkably strong and lightweight hemp is a great material for eyewear.’

Celebrity brand ambassadors

Leonardo DiCaprio is their go-to eco warrior.  Hemp Eyewear would love to see him wearing their glasses and be their brand champion. It might just happen! I can see him waterside in Capri this summer donning some eco-friendly shades.  Also:

 ‘Woody Harrelson (because he's a huge hemp advocate and in some great films) and Snoop Dogg (he wears sunglasses all the time, he would love our product and he'd be a great rep).’

 Do you know what the number one question they get asked at Hemp Eyewear 

Can you smoke them?

As you can imagine that must have got old after launch date! It is lost on me or anyone else that sunglasses are even made in bonny but baltic Scotland?! Canddid are major fans though.

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