Can CBD Boost Your eSports Game?

13th September 2021

In a pandemic, eSports are, without a doubt, the safest sports to play. After all, there's no better way to unite your friends and family than by jeering at the weakest link – unless, of course, that's you. In this case, can CBD help with your eSports prowess?

Well, potentially. You see, many eSports professionals now use CBD supplements. However, it's important to remember that professional gamers only use CBD during training, or while they practice.

This is because the Electronic Sports League (ESL) has implemented strict guidelines surrounding not just cannabis and THC, but CBD as well. In fact, this ban implies that CBD could potentially give professional gamers an advantage over their rivals. Therefore, to even the playing field, the ESL decided to put a blanket ban on CBD during eSports tournaments.

What Are the Guidelines Around CBD and eSports?

Earlier, we mentioned that the ESL insists on strict guidelines surrounding cannabis. Arguably the biggest eSports league of present times, the ESL discourages players from using cannabis during tournaments. This decision comes in line with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines. Furthermore, due to its lack of physical activity, eSports are taken far less seriously than standard options like tennis and football.

Therefore, in an attempt to solidify eSports as a legitimate sporting option, the ESL now follows WADA guidelines surrounding cannabis. However, while WADA guidelines permit CBD use among athletes, the ESL has gone one step further in the eSports sphere. While playing at tournaments, professional gamers cannot use CBD – from the start date, up until the end date.

What is CBD?

This decision came from the ESL's perspective that CBD can afford professional gamers with an unfair advantage. Due to this, professional eSports players can only use cannabidiol while training, or during practice sessions. During competitions, they're subject to random drug tests, which establish whether or not they've used CBD recently.

While other eSports leagues are far more flexible about CBD use, the ESL is among the most celebrated. Therefore, if professional gamers want to make it big, they have to play by ESL rules – pun intended.

However, it's not all bad news. The ESL's strict guidelines only concern professional gamers during tournament seasons. Therefore, when they're not competing, professional gamers can indulge in whatever they desire. In fact, the ESL's decision to allow this is far more flexible than what most other sports bodies require.

This decision, however, also begs the question: Can CBD actively boost my eSports game?

Can CBD Turn Me Into a Better Gamer?

With its ban, the ESL now deems CBD a “performance-enhancing drug”. With this in mind, isn't it a given that CBD can improve your own eSports prowess? Well, the jury's still out, but the evidence leans positive.

In fact, studies show that there are a number of things that CBD could help with. These factors could directly correlate to your gaming skills, giving you an edge in friendly competitions with your nearest and dearest. Here are some ways CBD could help boost your eSports game.

Aching Wrist From Too Many Headshots? CBD Could Help!

The debate is never-ending; console vs. PC rages on. If you're a PC gamer, you'll know that racking up those hours can take a toll on your wrists. In fact, many professional gamers suffer carpal tunnel syndrome – a result of practising for up to 12 hours a day.

While you might not be quite on their level yet, all that grinding can really get to you. Specifically, it can affect your fingers and wrists. After all, aches, pains, and muscles on fire are part and parcel of gaming.

These aches can spill over, affecting your accuracy and aim. Sooner than you think, you could be the weakest link in your league. Fear not; CBD could be your saving grace, salvaging your eSports stats.

A 2016 animal study suggests that CBD could help with pain and inflammation. Therefore, a few CBD tincture drops before booting up your PC could make a world of difference. While this might not exactly improve your skill level, addressing a nagging ache could definitely benefit your aim or fire rate!

Low Energy Levels During eSports Events? Give CBD a Go!

Being an adult is brilliant, because nobody can tell you that you're spending too much time on your Xbox. However, pouring long hours into intense games like Red Dead Redemption 2, in the quest for trophies, can wreak havoc on your energy levels. In fact, there might be some truth to your mum's age-old refrain; “You're tired because you spend too much time on your GameStation.”

It's a vicious cycle, really – spending time doing what you love (i.e., grinding to level up) can seriously affect your performance during a co-op session the next day. If this sounds all too familiar, CBD could come in handy. While there are no studies done on CBD and eSports exhaustion, research indicates that CBD could help with tiredness and low energy levels.

In fact, a 2014 study explored CBD as a way to stay awake. According to this study, CBD could help regulate your sleep cycle. Therefore, if you're too hyped up from your latest eSports match to head to bed, why not try some CBD? Plus, with a better, more regular sleep cycle, you could also see a spike in energy levels.

Pre-Game Anxiety? Pop a Few CBD Gummies!

Carrying your eSports team on your back during co-op sessions can be exhausting. It can also cause serious bouts of anxiety and imposter syndrome – especially if you've had a poor session or two. However, when it comes to gaming, anxiety might very well be your final boss.

In fact, being anxious means that you'll overthink your next move, or cease communication with your teammates. This can result in slower, weaker decisions. It also means that your team might not get the best possible results.

Here, our first piece of advice would be not to worry about it. After all, many professional gamers often suffer crippling bouts of anxiety – and they're professionals. If they get anxious, then our feelings of gaming-related anxiety are completely valid.

CBD Edibles

However, what if we told you that CBD could help with anxiety in the eSports arena? Technically, studies show that CBD could potentially help with anxiety, in general. In fact, a 2010 study explored the effects of CBD on people with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Results showed that participants treated with CBD (400 mg, to be exact) reported a significant decrease in anxiety levels.

Therefore, before sitting down to a game or three, why not eat a few CBD gummies? Not only do they taste great, but they could also help you calm down before a co-op session with your team!

Switch up Your eSports Abilities With CBD

There might be something to be said for CBD and eSports skills. Studies also seem to indicate that CBD could help with a number of different aspects.

Therefore, even if you're a casual gamer wanting to kill an hour or two, CBD could potentially improve the way you play games. Why not try CBD for yourself, and see whether it helps? The ESL ban on CBD during tournaments seems to back this theory, after all.

In fact, what better way to game than to hang with the big (Watch) Dogs?

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