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What You Can Do to Help the Koalas, Kangaroos and People in Australia

Australia is still suffering from catastrophic wildfires across the country that have been raging uncontrollably since June 2019. The scale of the fires was incomprehensibly …


AriZona Iced Tea Turns to Weed

America’s number 1 selling iced tea brand is no stranger to new tastes and flavours. You can find their delicious iced tea infused with natural …


Lead Singer of OneRepublic Launches Zero-Sugar Hemp Drink

Ryan Tedder the lead singer of pop/rock band OneRepublic has launched his very own hemp beverage called ‘Mad Tasty.’ Each fruit flavoured sparkling water drink …

The Best CBD Flower for Your Horoscope Sign

For some people, horoscopes offer a divine message of inspiration, motivation and clarity. A helpful roadmap showing each star sign’s unique strengths and weakness which …

The Best CBD Teas & Their Benefits

We hate to stereotype, but let’s face it – we love our tea. Despite coffee becoming more and more popular, the average Brit consumes >4lbs …

Europe Canna Expo Dublin – Only 8 Days Away!

We are now counting down the hours to the most hotly anticipated CBD and Cannabis event this year with the Europe Canna Expo set to …


Billie Eilish and Coldplay Are Looking to Fight Climate Change

Each year the UK music industry is responsible for half a million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, with around 70% of that due to festivals, …


Growing Your Own Cannabis Plant

A growing number of countries, such as Canada, now permit adults to legally grow their own cannabis – we’re looking at a real money-saver here. …


7 Celebrities With Anxiety and How They Dealt With It

Mental health issues are as commonplace as physical conditions yet an ever-present stigma has kept many people from stepping forward and talking about their struggle …

Little Rick

Could this CBD drink replace your usual?

February is a tough time. Everyone is still a bit broke from Christmas, and dreading the upcoming expense of Valentine’s day. It’s cold, and you’ve …

CBD Oil For Cats

CBD Oil for Your Cats

We have two adorable cats in our home, Lolly and Pop, siblings, who are as much a part of our family as anyone else. We …


5 Best Marijuana Moments in Movies

Marijuana has always held a place in Hollywood movies. As legalisation slowly creeps across the globe we’re expecting to see it crop up even more …

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