Must-Have Hemp Clothing for That Hot Girl Summer

12th August 2021

Fast fashion is cancelled; it's time to start building that sustainable wardrobe. In fact, this summer, we're all about hemp clothing. After all, Megan Thee Stallion has graced us with yet another hot girl summer – hopefully, the best one yet.

If you've Kondo-ed your wardrobe at the start of lockdown, the time for change has come. With summer upon us, you can start looking at more sustainable fashion choices – from sundresses to shorts. However, picking out summer fabrics can be difficult.

Cotton fabric fades so quickly – and it can shrink if you're not careful. Linen, on the other hand, crumples so quickly. The obvious solution here is clearly synthetic-natural blend fabrics… but is it?

With each wash, these fabrics release microplastics into our water system. Plus, since they aren't super-breathable, they don't perform quite as well in the great outdoors. However, don't fret – there's a solution to all your summer fabric woes.

This summer, it's all about hemp clothing. That's right; woven from hemp stalks, this fabric could be an absolute game-changer to your summer wardrobe. But what is hemp fabric, exactly? And is it really better than any other summer fabric option?

What's Hemp Fabric, and Why Should It Be in My Summer Wardrobe?

Ultimately, hemp fabric is exactly what its name suggests. It's fabric, woven from hemp stalks. Hemp fabric, for the most part, is extremely versatile. Therefore, it's often used in a variety of ways.

In fact, different communities have used hemp as a textile for decades. From ship sails and rope, to build materials and paper, hemp ingrained itself into our histories.

Given its history, you might wonder if it's possible to turn heavy-duty hemp fabric into comfortable summer clothing. Our response? A resounding yes – hemp, as a fabric, is incredibly versatile. Plus, with the right treatment, hemp fabric could give the softest cotton t-shirt a run for its money.

However, that's not all. Hemp clothing is the perfect summer choice; it's breathable, durable, and eco-friendly. Plus, hemp is far stronger than cotton.

We all have a favourite cotton t-shirt. It's soft and comfortable, and it's also usually paper-thin after years in and out of the washing machine. However, we'll bet you didn't know that it's so soft because the cotton stretches and breaks with every wash.

Hemp fabric, on the other hand, can be up to four times stronger than cotton. Therefore, you can wear that new hemp t-shirt all summer, without worrying about rips or tears. See, hemp clothing really is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this summer.

With Hemp Clothing, Choices Are Endless!

Sure, you might have certain misconceptions around hemp clothing – especially coming up to summer. However, flowy, tie-dyed outfits are a thing of the past. In fact, many hemp clothing makers are pretty up-to-date with clothing trends.

With hemp clothing, you can expect to see earth tones, relaxed fits, and the occasional floral pattern. Mix and match these pieces for an all-hemp clothing ensemble, or opt for a singular colour or tone this summer. After all, the (extremely comfortable) choice is yours.

At Candid, however, we've gone the extra mile. We've put together a list of some amazing hemp clothing brands – from your summer staples to your party pieces. Plus, we've thrown in a few unisex brands in there, because Hot Girl Summer isn't gender-specific!

Eileen Fisher – Where Style, Comfort, and Transparency Meet

Eileen Fisher's hemp collection features some of the most comfortable clothing we've ever seen. Plus, they're a mix of organic cotton and hemp, giving you the best of both worlds. Featuring neutral tones and clean lines, these clothes can take you from Zoom meeting to picnic chic in no time.

Plus, Eileen Fisher is dedicated to transparency, in all they do. On their website, you can track their seed-to-shelf process, check who and where they source from, and read all about their empowerment initiatives. It's a great way to tell their customers that they're being eco-friendly and socially conscious throughout the process.

Thought – Hemp Clothing With a Summer Twist

A UK-based sustainable clothing brand, Thought encourages their customers to be a little more… well, thoughtful with their clothing purchases. From contemporary jumpsuits to classic cotton tops, Thought has something for everyone.

Most of their hemp rage is solely made from hemp – no blended fabrics here! With colourful prints and fun stripes, this hemp clothing selection fits perfectly into everyone's wardrobe.

Patagonia – For That Cottagecore Vibe

Patagonia – yes, that Patagonia – has gone all-in on the hemp trend. The result? Hemp clothing that you can wear (and will want to wear) all summer long!

With printed shirts and cosy sweaters galore, these outfits could very well transition from summer staples to autumn favourites. Plus, there are several plaid shirts to choose from. Matched with their dungarees, you're all set to live out your cottagecore daydreams!

Tentree – Your Go-to for Summer Clothing Essentials

Tan France is always talking about building a capsule wardrobe. However, building a capsule wardrobe starts with a good foundation – or outfit basics, if you will. Good-quality t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and a nice pair of trousers in a good fit can go a long way!

Thankfully, Tentree has you covered. Their hemp-blend clothing collection spans t-shirts, trousers, and button-up shirts – solid additions to anyone's wardrobe. Plus, Tentree plants ten trees for every purchase you make; how's that for sustainable?

Seeker – For the Streetwear-Loving Modern Monk

Let's be honest – we've all compared lockdown to life as a monk, at least once. However, with everything starting to reopen, why not bring that aesthetic with you? Now, with Seeker's hemp clothing line, you can make that happen this summer!

Choose from hemp-based corduroy joggers, tie-dye hemp-cotton jumpsuits (did we mention that hemp holds colour better?), and even a selection of kimonos. Who said streetwear had to be painful or uncomfortable? Certainly not the people at Seeker!

Hemp Clothing Isn't Just for Summer

With more and more brands trying out hemp clothing, it's quickly moving away from a niche concept to a more popular idea. However, we all know how good it feels to be ahead of the curve. By adding a piece or two from these hemp clothing lines, you'll be prepped for your hot girl summer this year.

If you pick more versatile pieces, they could easily transition to autumn or winter pieces, too. Why not be one of the first to hop on this bandwagon and try out some hemp clothing?

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