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Levi’s Replace Cotton With Hemp

Levi’s or Wrangler? Oasis or Blur? Back in our youth decisions like these all came down to personal preference. Today this still rings true for

The 5 Best Hemp Shoe Brands

Our conscious decision to move away from fast fashion and towards ethical, sustainable fashion is making us think twice before we buy. We all want

Cruelty-Free Fashion Options

We all know the dangers of fast-fashion both to human life and our environment but we are also very aware that this juggernaut is too

CBD Activewear is Now a Thing

New label Acabada ProActiveWear has pushed the boundaries of What Product Can We Put CBD in Next, by becoming the first ever activewear brand to

GQ China Presents 8on8
GQ China Presents 8on8

Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor, Ross Pollard takes us to 8on8 – the GQ China spring/summer 20 show.

News from Serac
News from Serac

Our Norway-friendly Scandi-based Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, sets out on a quest to see why Oslo’s Serac is on everyone’s lips these days.

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