Cruelty-Free Fashion Options

22nd March 2020

We all know the dangers of fast-fashion both to human life and our environment but we are also very aware that this juggernaut is too to stop directly. Our best option is to vote with our wallets and purchase only ethical and sustainable clothing and accessories.

There are plenty of top fashion houses here in the UK who offer style in an ethical and sustainable manner and by choosing these eco-friendly brands we can slowly rid the world of fast fashion without losing our sense of individual style.


Thought is an ethical UK brand who sell stylish, sustainable, timeless fashion for both men and women. Their contemporary design collection uses natural fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton which are both ethically sourced and manufactured.

Their brand ethos is to be thoughtful about the environment, its people, and all those involved in the supply chain, which is why this clothing company are intent on only supplying thoughtful, timeless fashion which can be used, reused, and passed on.


Tentree is a Canadian company that lives and breathes sustainability. In fact, when you purchase any item from them they will plant ten trees in return, yes, ten trees! To date, they have planted an incredible 35 million trees.

They offer both men’s and women’s apparel and accessories which are made from responsibly sourced Tencel (wood pulp), recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp.


Boden is a West London based fashion house who offer ethically sustainable bright, bold and beautiful clothing for men, women and children. Each item has been designed to last and is manufactured with equality and sustainability at the fore.

They use sustainably sourced cotton and responsibly sourced materials in all their items and protect workers by committing to the Responsible Sourcing Agreement, educating women workers through the HERproject and giving back to different charities each year.

Nancy Dee

At Nancy Dee, you will find the highest quality sustainable eco women’s fashion. Every item is manufactured in small factories in Britain from upcycled and sustainable materials.

They offer stylishly ethical clothing with a beautiful range of dresses, tops, and bottoms, with something to suit today’s busy lifestyle for work, homeware and evenings out.

Their collection is mostly made from a mix of all-natural renewable materials such as bamboo and organic cotton as well as up-cycled fabrics, all designed to inspire and invigorate.

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