When Fashion and Technology get Married

23rd August 2019

Fashion trends of the future are set to have the latest style as well as the latest technology embedded together.

Researchers in Singapore have invented what they call ‘Smart Clothing’ which they say can increase the connectivity of wearable devices such apple watches and airpods, as well as save on battery life.

The invention known as ‘Metamaterial Textiles’ allows radio waves such as Bluetooth and WiFi to glide across the clothing instead of radiating outwards as is currently the case.

Assistant Professor John Ho says “The clothes have certain patterns on them which help guide wireless signals which are emitted by regular devices such as smartphones and smartwatches.”

This will allow for stronger, faster connections on sensors and wearable devices as well as saving on battery power. According to researchers it will increase the wireless connectivity of devices around the body a thousandfold.

Athletes and hospital patients first in line

The main demographics believed to stand to benefit are athletes as well as hospital patients.

All could have their vital signs constantly monitored to ensure optimum efficiency as well as constant measurement of health.

Researchers believe a wider rollout to the general public will happen in time. They say that this new technology could bolster individual security by keeping private information closer to the body and away from potential thieves.

Critics say questions remain as to the safety of the clothing with some suggesting the body does not need further exposure to radiation.

A provisional patent has been obtained for the new technology which can be washed, dried and ironed just like regular clothes.

Only time will tell if Metamaterial Textiles will move from a research lab in Singapore to the catwalks of London, New York and Paris.

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