The 5 Best Hemp Shoe Brands

23rd March 2020

Our conscious decision to move away from fast fashion and towards ethical, sustainable fashion is making us think twice before we buy. We all want to look our best but, equally, we also want to minimise the impact our fashion choice has on the environment.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of shoes on the high street are made from ethically challenging animal leather and unsustainable materials such as inorganic cotton, synthetics, and rubber.

In comparison, hemp shoes offer comfortable, strong, stylish footwear from sustainable, eco-friendly, renewable and recyclable material – all with the added benefits of being antimicrobial, thermoregulating, and hypoallergenic.

We searched and found some stylish hemp shoes, sneakers, and sandals that we think you are going to love walking in. Hemp shoes – Small steps to a better world.


Emily Bode, GQ’s 2019 breakthrough designer of the year winner, has sustainability at the forefront of her latest footwear collection launching three hemp shoe styles for 2020.

The first of which is The Bode House shoe which was made to be worn outdoors but is inspired by indoor living, the second is the Jelly sandals for ultra-cool comfort and finally a gardening shoe. All three were made in a family-owned Italian factory using organic hemp and are 100% recyclable.


Bohempia is a young yet fast-growing brand who offer sustainable, comfortable and functional footwear fashion made from hemp. Their products have been made locally since 2015 in their small workshops in Chechnya, Europe.

Their fashionable hemp boots and sneakers are designed for both men and women. They’re super comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Tomas Rohal and his team spin, knits, weaves and dyes the raw hemp fibres to create over 50 designs now available in their collection.


Adidas has been making hemp sneakers for quite a number of years now and at one point even had the word hemp written on the tongue on some of its sneakers.

Even their logo seems oddly similar to the hemp leaf, which many believe to be beyond coincidence and may have been chosen as a nod to the brilliance of this plant.

Most recently Adidas launched the stylishly cool Skateboard sneaker. The upper is made entirely from hemp. Written on the front of the tongue is: “high potency, superior quality” and on the back, it has a secret compartment to hide your stash.


Dopekicks was a Kickstarter business idea that raised over a quarter of a million dollars to launch the world’s first waterproof hemp shoes. They not only repel liquids but dirt too!

These eco-friendly sneakers are made in Portugal using sustainable materials such as hemp together with recycled rubber for the outsole while the insoles are made from natural cork. They are super durable, 100% waterproof, 100% vegan and have a cool design and function that is ideal for outdoors.


Rawganique is a uniquely American brand of ethical, vegan shoes and apparel made from sustainable materials such as hemp, linen, and organic cotton.

Set up in 1997 by self-confessed “off-grid islanders”, they grow, weave, knit and sew all their products to ensure true purity and environmental sustainability. They offer sweatshop-free men and women’s handmade hemp sandals, shoelaces, slants, walking shoes, casual shoes.

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