Les Deux – More Than Just A Fashion Brand

15th October 2018
Our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, sat down for an exclusive interview with the co-founder of Les Deux, Andreas von der Heide.

I remember seeing Les Deux a while back at Copenhagen Fashion Week and somewhat falling in love. For SS18 they presented a straight up stunning collection, as you can see me praising it in this article from earlier this year.
The AW18 collection is nothing short of perfection and Les Deux might be the best thing Denmark has come up with in a long, long time. The collection itself needs to be checked out and you'll see bits of it below, but to dive in deeper and to see why it's more than just another fashion brand, I had a quick chat with co-founder, Andreas von der Heide.

What makes the brand ‘so very Copenhagen'?
We try to take the simplicity of Nordic design and integrate it with international interpretations.
Now, you’ve incorporated Paris into the brand’s binity. Are there any other cities waiting for their turn to create a trinity, or more?
Our other co-founder has French roots, so that’s how the name Les Deux came about. After that, it just made sense to start with Paris but generally we look to different cities, lifestyles and cultures for inspiration. We try to keep to the minimalism of our Scandinavian roots but each collection ties in with a different international background.

Why is Copenhagen such a great city for fashion designers?
I think we are riding a wave of romance when it comes to the Nordic countries. We are known for simplicity and quality, which always is a good start. Further, I think that the combination of art, fashion and architecture and our love for design is what creates a really strong foundation and kind of ‘brand’ aesthetic.

What makes up the Les Deux man?
A man who cares about his look. I mean, we didn’t create this brand to have one target group. Les Deux is for those people who can relate to our lifestyle – being ambitious, well-dressed, looks for quality and cares about other people and what’s happening around the world.

What’s the inspiration behind the AW18 collection?
Fashion is the new religion. I mean, that might sound controversial but to many, fashion has become a pillar of identity and belonging to somewhere.
Our AW18 collection is about brotherhoods. Brotherhoods such as Hooliganism and the French Legion. The collection is based on a nostalgia and familiarity to the past and has taken inspiration from a number of brotherhoods.

We hear that Les Deux is becoming more than just fashion and extending into a lifestyle brand. How are you making this happen?
We need to give our customers more than just good quality. What is the reason to buy Les Deux over other brands?
In 2018, I think you need more than just a cool brand. We implement this through storytelling, social events, pop-up stores across all markets, our running clubs, food nights and our charity – The Les Deux Foundation.

Tell us about The Les Deux Foundation!
The Les Deux Foundation has actually existed since 2011 when we started the brand. We have, since the beginning, supported these chosen organisations with everything from building a school in Zambia to helping kids in Denmark that have had a hard beginning in life.
The Les Deux Foundation tries to support two charities/organisations a year – one Danish and another international, and let our customers and team decide on which ones to support. It’s not just money. It’s also about education, football trips and other events that give quality to those in needs.
Check out the Les Deux AW18 collection on their website.
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