New Music: MICKY

6th January 2017

New York based, retro-obsessed solo artist MICKY has returned with an infectious pop record that has the potential to be a hit anthem of summer 2017. Candid is an energetic, slick sounding track that plays homage to ‘60s/’70s pop, rock and soul. With a sound that echoes the likes of Bruno Mars and Leon Bridges, he has created a perfect pop tune to hit the dance floor to.

MICKY is the new sobriquet of singer-songwriter Michael Persall. The NYC via California musician built up a following after releasing the critically acclaimed single Waiting For and after completing his New Year’s resolution to perform over 400 shows in 2015. Having recently landed shows at renowned music venues Mercury Lounge and Webster Hall, his journey has taken him a long way from his humble beginnings of performing in a family run bed and breakfast, covering songs by his favourite artist, Elvis Presley.

Candid, co-produced with Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers, Wet, Man & Ghost), is based on the singer’s personal attitude to life, “A lot of people seem to waste time putting up a front rather than being themselves and actually talking about things. ‘Candid’ is just the ideal alternative in my mind.” The opulently produced James Brown style soundscape is a razor sharp evocation of this notion. Layered with funky brass sounds and retro-esque instrumentation, it channels MICKY’s love for upbeat motown and soul music. But what elevates Candid from being pure pastiche is the singer’s silky smooth vocals, brimming with raw energy and swagger, that makes it unique.

Listen to Candid here:
This release from the movin’, groovin’, and croonin’ MICKY sees the artist venturing into a new, bolder musical landscape showcasing his talents as a natural performer. Candid oozes with raw energy and panache, whilst musically hitting the nostalgia sweet spot.
MICKY has a residency with Sofar Sounds NYC every Wednesday in January, and with Rockwood Music Hall throughout February every Saturday at 10pm.

Words by Dean Robinson

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