Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Gym Bunny in Your Life

10th February 2020

We all share the same goal this year of being a better version of ourselves. For some, it could be losing weight and getting in shape. For others, it might be bulking up and increasing your strength and fitness.

No matter what the end goal is for you or your loved one, great gifts can help you along the way to achieving those goals and ultimately feeling better about yourself.

We spoke to fitness fanatics, gym gurus, and newbies alike to find out what gifts they thought would help them achieve their 2020 goals. Here are the results:

Wireless Headphones

When you are on the treadmill or the bike you can plug your headphones into the machine and watch some Netflix while virtual cycling the Tour de France or running the London Marathon, but for those of us who enjoy strength and conditioning it is SO worthwhile to get wireless headphones to listen to music, radio shows or podcasts to help distract from the pain and gain.



Motivation gets you into fitness but habit keeps you there. With a Fitbit, you are being motivated daily to succeed by being able to see exactly how many steps you have taken, activity, exercise, food, weight, and even sleep. Seeing your progress makes you see what is possible. Plus, and this is talking from experience, you really want to see that average heart rate getting lower.

B_ND Gym Equipment

You might love the gym, but sometimes life has other plans and you can’t make it. For those days when you are stuck at home but still want to get your workout then turn to B_ND gym equipment.

This brand was developed by the environmentally-conscious entrepreneur Grace Beverley. You can find resistance bands, foam rollers, dumbbells, sliders, exercise mats, ankle straps and more.

Hemp Protein Bulk Powders

Your body needs carbs to provide you with the energy to work out. But afterwards, it is vital that you consume protein which will repair and build those muscles. We all know meat products are part of a bigger ecological problem, so why not try something different? Hemp protein contains an average of 30%-53% protein, and it’s also bursting with other essential vitamins and minerals.



It is so important to have a good pair of trainers. We cannot emphasize this enough (again, speaking from experience). There are specific trainers designed for walking, others for running, and some that are suited to both. It all boils down to support and comfort. Do not buy flat casual runners. You want something with support, especially in the heel. Check out the likes of Asics, Brooks, Nike, and Adidas for the latest technologically advanced runners.

Foldable mat

Mats in the gym are a dime a dozen but the fact that others have used it before you can be off-putting, especially when you see someone there without a towel. Grab a fold-up carry mat that you can bring with you to use in the gym and even use at home. Preferably one with some cushioning but not so much that you fall asleep!

Upper Body Workout Bar

Going to the gym can leave you feeling pretty good. Maybe even so good that you fancy getting a bit more exercise while you’re at home. With the Upper Body Workout Bar, you can increase muscle strength and tone by using it anywhere for pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and general arm and shoulder exercise.

It is easily stored away and can be attached to a doorway or simply placed on the ground.


Even the most ardent of gym-goers can suffer from Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS for short). CBD oil is a great safe alternative to relieve pain and reduce inflammation often caused by pushing your limits too far. Helpful tip: Choose one with hemp seed oil as the carrier as this will give your skin those essential omega 3 and 6 oils, all while helping you recover.

Massage Oil / Massage Voucher

Depending on your relationship to your fitness fanatic you may want to buy them massage oil so you (or they) can rub it into tired sore muscles. If that person is your friend and the idea weirds you out, then buy them a massage voucher and let a trained professional do the work.

Boxing Gloves

You don't have to like boxing to get the benefits of hitting a punchbag or speedbag. Just pretend the bag is your boss, put on those boxing gloves and go for it. The gym might have some at the ready but who wants to put their hands in someone else's sweat! Buy the gloves.


Foam Roller

A foam roller is great for ironing out those creaks and helping relieve those sore aching muscles following an intense workout. For those who are always rushing and may not have had time to do their warm down after a workout, it is ideal for both the gym and at home.

Compact To-Go Blender

Blenders are so much more clever these days. The compact to-go blenders allow you to blend your fruit (and/or vegetable) in the same ready to use bottle and all you have to do is swap the lid to bring the smoothie with you. So handy for on the go driving or to be used straight after a workout or spin class.

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