CBD coming to your next spin class

7th April 2019

Spin classes if you’re not in the know are fitness classes using stationary bicycles. A typical class in the UK involves a single instructor at the front of the class who leads the participants through routines that are designed to stimulate terrain and situations similar to riding bikes outdoors. With pumping house music in the background you can burn up to 300-500 kcal in 60 mins. Known as SoulCycle in the USA –  a New York-based fitness franchise with studios cross the country has taken the world of fitness by storm and taking CBD along for the ride. SoulCycle recently started selling a $60 CBD lotion by Los Angeles–based Lord Jones, a purveyor of hemp-derived CBD products, in all 85 of its U.S. studios and on its website. Sample sizes of the lotion will also be available inside studios for riders to try for free. CBD, though, continues to face a complex legal landscape.

The FDA has said CBD remains illegal under federal law and that it’s illegal to add it to food and health products. Meanwhile, the country’s biggest pharmacy chain, CVS , is now selling Curaleaf CBD lotions and pain-relief patches in eight states in the USA. It seems the big players are defiant.

London, it’s coming for you!

The company will bring its cult fitness classes to London in 2019 as it eyes international expansion. CBD companies are positioning their products as the newest gym must-have amenity, like the smoothie bar or sauna of years past. Photo by Nadine Weidehoff.

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