Best CBD Gift Ideas for Christmas

21st December 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; the time to brainstorm Christmas gift ideas. Whether it’s for someone you already know is a fan of Cannabidiol (CBD) or you think someone could benefit from introducing CBD to their health and wellness regimen; we’ve got you covered with a list of the best CBD gift ideas. These are the big and little treats we’ve found for people who want to give the gift of well-being.

Best CBD Gift Ideas That Hit Every Price Point

With a range of gifts that cover everything from stocking fillers to luxury items to pamper your loved ones, this list of CBD treats hits every price point. Some of these items would also make ideal accompanying gifts if you’re buying someone a little selection of treats. Or mix and match a few items from this best CBD gift ideas list and you’ve got yourself a little gift hamper.

Get CBD Christmas Presents Closer to Home

A lot more of us are choosing to support local, homegrown businesses due to Covid-19. Most of the gifts on this list have been made by UK based companies that focus on creating natural, sustainable CBD products. Poko, the CBD skincare and beauty range is a wonderful brand everyone should know about. Naturecan produces CBD infused edibles, oils, beauty products and more while Canndid CBD focuses purely on edibles and tinctures. Ultracalm is another luxury UK CBD brand that creates self-care products in the form of tea mixes, topical balms and bath bombs.

Naturecan CBD Lip Balm

Winter weather calls for us to treat ourselves with more care, especially our dry chapped lips. Beeswax and sweet citrus hydration give us a little hint of summer during the colder months. However, it’s the high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) and the added vitamin E—a natural antioxidant—that make this lip balm a natural protector against harsh winter conditions. The sleek, simple packaging is also a stylish addition to your makeup case or handbag.

Ultracalm 1.5% CBD Hemp Tea – Chamomile 40g

Coffee is the beverage that tells us it’s time to get up and go; tea is more a ritual that tells us it’s time to rest, relax and take a moment. This is the present for the person in your life that you’d like to know is well-rested and calm before bed. The tea is hand-blended in the UK. This Chamomile, hemp and CBD infused blend of loose leaves invites you to partake in a night-time ceremony and mindfully brew a little pot of serenity for themselves.

Canndid Vegan CBD Gummies

Some people find using CBD tinctures under the tongue a little unappealing. For the sweet-toothed CBD fan in your life, these Canndid Vegan Gummies are a fun way to ingest CBD. Made with naturally grown CBD infused hemp, natural flavourings and sweeteners and suitable for vegans, there’s no need to feel guilty about these sweet treats. There are 10 gummies in the childproof pot. The effects of the CBD usually takes about 5-10 minutes and can last anything up to four hours depending on the person.

POKO Luxury Facial Oil

Anything botanical is a welcome whiff of nature when the weather traps us indoors. This luxury facial oil, enriched with omega fatty acids, keeps the skin soft and plump. Infused with CBD and plant extracts; it creates a natural barrier of moisture against harsh winter conditions. Vitamins A, D, E prevent skin breakouts, free radicals and help to revitalise ageing skin. This is the gift for the person in your life who loves natural beauty products that promise to leave skin glowing.

Cannadips CBD Starter Kit

We think Cannadips' Starter Kit is the perfect hemp CBD in-mouth pouches gift featuring 3 classic flavours –

  • Natural Mint,
  • Tangy Citrus,
  • American Spice.

Crafted using all-natural, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO ingredients, they are the perfect gift for your vegan friend. All pouches are lab-tested to ensure they are THC-free with 10mg of water-soluble CBD in every pouch. Each Cannadips can has 15 pouches, with a total of 150mg CBD per can. The specially developed pouch technology ensures quick delivery and allows you to enjoy CBD discreetly. Cannadips currently are offering a free Mobile Popsocket and keychain with every Starter Kit Purchase!

Ultracalm 50mg CBD Bath Bombs 170g

These CBD infused bath bombs are one of the best CBD Christmas gift ideas for the people you know who love to relax. Taking a bath means taking a good hour for yourself to wash your worries and aches away. Throw in one of these beautiful, fragrant bombs enriched with soothing essential oils and CBD and you’ll emerge feeling restored. Both Epsom salts and CBD are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. Ant-inflammatories release tension in the skin and loosen stiff joints. This is the ultimate gift for those who need a little self-care.

1CBD Infused Chocolate

We’re allowed to indulge ourselves at this time of year, in fact, we must. That means more chocolates like these delicious raspberry and CBD infused dark chocolates. These delicious treats are bursting with flavour. They're infused with the finest CBD oil and a hint of balsamic to make that raspberry flavour really pop. 1CBD also promises that the hit of sugar mixed with CBD will improve cognitive function and give you a little energy boost too.

Drop CBD Gel Face Mask 100mg CBD 50ml

There is no better time to upgrade your skincare routine than wintertime, especially the Christmas holidays. The Drop CBD gel mask is made from 98% natural ingredients and is infused with 100mg of CBD. The light gel texture contains antioxidants and lots of nourishing plant extracts to keep the skin silky soft and really lock in moisture. The anti-inflammatory effect calms and heals the skin to reduce sensitivity and redness.


With more ways to introduce CBD into your health and beauty regime, it’s easy to pick up a wonderful gift for the CBD fan in your life, or even just for you. Research has suggested just how beneficial CBD can be; no wonder it’s growing in popularity. With a list of some well-established UK brands, we’ve put together the best CBD gift ideas for Christmas. We hope you agree.

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