Meet the Woman who Packed up her Life to Start a CBD Business

30th August 2019

Although Rosebud CBD only launched in 2018, the swiftly up-and-coming CBD company has already reached monthly sales of up to six figures. 

A year earlier, owner and founder Alexis Rosenbaum and her former Major League Baseball player husband had just packed up their life in Ohio and moved to Hoboken, New Jersey in 2017 for her to start her new CBD venture. After sourcing a farm in Oregon that was reputable (and most importantly, legal!) to cultivate, process and package bottles of organic CBD oil, Rosebud CBD was ready to break onto the market. As the ultimate start-up, Rosebud CBD was entirely funded by Rosenbaum herself and despite only being in operation since 2018, the company is already seeing huge growth, and revenue going through the roof.

Why CBD? 

On first glance, Rosenbaum’s expertly curated instagram feed and seemingly perfect life might seem like #goals. However, just a quick scroll on her personal instagram feed will show the whole host of challenges she has faced have made her the person she is today. Rosenbaum has been public about sharing her struggles undergoing IVF treatment to start a family, as well as dealing with the pressures of social media and keeping her company going from strength to strength. 

In fact, Rosenbaum credits CBD with helping her through life’s “tough moments”, which shows that her passion for CBD is truly authentic and not just a crafty marketing ploy of hopping on the latest wellness trend. By opening up about her personal life and struggles on social media, Rosenbaum hopes to offer consumers transparency about the realities of getting a business off the ground – from lost shipments and paying bills to moving into her first warehouse. 

The ‘Green Space’ – a contentious industry

Rosenbaum also credits growing up in a family full of entrepreneurs starting their own businesses – that both thrived and failed – in instilling a strong work ethic in her. She singles out her mother in particular, who she watched take a small family-owned construction business and turn it into a multi-million dollar company. 

While Rosebud CBD has seen great success within its first year of operations, it has not been without its difficulties. In an interview with Forbes, Rosenbaum shed some light on the difficulties running a hemp-based company when legislation and regulations on the plant are so contentious. While industrial hemp became completely legal in the United States on a federal level in the 2018 farm bill (and in turn, CBD), there is still a stunning lack of regulations or guidelines in place for individual businesses to sell CBD. 

Hemp-based businesses are not able to promote themselves on Facebook or Instagram through the usual channels that a “regular” business might – which means no boosted posts, retargeting, or paid posts to help increase consumer awareness about their product. 

Not only is Rosenbaum a successful business owner and entrepreneur, she also uses her platform to educate others on the benefits of CBD. Alexis hosted an “Intro to CBD” seminar at The Wing in SoHo, a co-working space and networking community for women. By opening up about her own personal CBD use and how it has helped her overcome struggles and live a more balanced life, Rosenbaum hopes to educate others on the benefits of trying out CBD. 

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