Celebri-Pets, Canopy and CBD

20th January 2020

Chances are if you’ve arrived here you know what you’re getting yourself into by reading on.

CBD is a rolling boulder and it shows no signs of slowing. In fact, it seems like every day we receive emails from new brands wanting to spotlight their products or established brands coming out with a new product. We’ve got CBD lip balm and CBD sunscreen, we’ve got CBD chocolate and CBD soda, we’ve got Amazon selling CBD products with no CBD in them and Five Finger Death Punch selling CBD water. It’s a crazy world.

Today we’re exploring the world of CBD for pets. But not just any pets, these are celebrity pets. The most pampered animals on four legs, except for the rarely seem pampther.

The pet industry, much like the CBD industry, just seems to keep growing. Even during recessions, they don’t see any dips in sales. People are treating their pets better and better, and it’s a great thing to see. We’re turning away from low quality, mass-produced pet food and looking towards products that are made with care, that will give our pets longer and happier lives. And in a similar way, we’re doing the same for ourselves. We’re no longer content to live with pain, to become addicted to opioids, to suffer through anxiety. We’re choosing CBD as an alternative. Something to help us with all of the above. So why not combine the two? I’m not suggesting we start eating good quality pet food, but surely the pets could enjoy some CBD too?

While not as fully researched as it could be, CBD is reported to be used for treating anxiety and seizures, as well as relieving pain and inflammation in your pets. If true, this would be especially beneficial to older animals as dogs and cats tend to get sore joints later in life.

The biggest names we’re currently seeing cashing in on our love of our pets are Martha Stewart (Snoop Dogg’s best bud) and Cesar Millan (regular dogs’ best bud). Martha Stewart’s current pet brand (Martha Stewarts Pets) is working together with Canopy (Canada’s cannabis giant) to create a line of CBD-infused pet treats and supplements, while Cesar has worked with Unitrex to produce CBD-infused oils and sprays for aromatherapy treatments.

Veterinarian and founder of VETCBD, Dr. Tim Shu, recommends that “CBD can be very safe to give to pets suffering from stress and anxiety, so long as the formulation and dosing are done by animal health professionals, and the products are tested for potency, pesticides, microbials, and solvents,”. So if you’re thinking of diving into the world of CBD for pets, we would recommend doing some research first and making sure you’re buying the best product for your beloved pet.

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