CBD Oil for Your Cats

29th January 2020

We have two adorable cats in our home, Lolly and Pop, siblings, who are as much a part of our family as anyone else. We love them, we care for them, and we worry (often excessively) about them when they wander off on their adventures and stay out for hours on end.

They provide us with company and soothing affection and in return, we give them everything a happy cat could want such as food, treats and toys. We also add salmon oil to their meals as it gives their coat a nice sheen. Recently we have included another supplement, CBD oil.

Cats Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in our bodies. It manages all sorts of functions from memory and appetite to sleep and thermoregulation. However, it isn’t just us that benefits from the ECS, all mammals have one and CBD is incredible at interacting with your cat or dogs ECS too! In fact, a healthy and fully functioning ECS will result in a healthy and vibrant pet.

The best and most effective method of boosting their ECS is by adding drops of CBD oil directly to their food, or, if your cat allows, placing drops under their tongue. Looking into Lolly or Pops mouth though is like looking into a tiger’s so I prefer adding it directly into their food…

Benefits of CBD

Our family wants our cats’ lives to be as comfortable as possible which is why we give them CBD oil twice daily. There are numerous benefits, in particular:


Pop can be quite fretful and, compared to her brother, she seems to have some anxiety issues.
The great thing about CBD oil is that it is a safe and natural way to treat this anxiety and has so far worked wonders on (when I open the back door she comes straight in rather than just standing there in shock for minutes, which she used to do).

Pain Management & Optimum Health

As they get older there is a chance they might have some form of arthritis and the pain associated with this. Thankfully CBD has been shown to help with pain management as well as boosting their immune system warding off potential disease and ill health.

Is There Research to Prove CBD Works?

Yes, there is an abundance of research but it is primarily in mice. The research we have on cats was done to verify CBD’s safety rather than its effects. That being said, there is one study into dogs with osteoarthritis, which showed that CBD reduced pain and increased activity.

Do Vets Recommend CBD?

A 2019 survey of 2,130 veterinarians from the United States showed most would be happy to recommend CBD oil but are bound by legal requirements and only allowed to prescribe authorised products.

This survey showed that most vets “expressed support for the use of CBD in animals” with “CBD discussed as a potential treatment for pain management, anxiety, and seizures.”

Which CBD Products Are Best?

When choosing CBD oil for your pet it is important to only purchase a product made from organic hemp that comes with independent lab results. This will guarantee you that the oil has been fully tested and is of the utmost quality.

Medipets Products

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

Yes. Numerous studies show CBD to be 100% safe and non-toxic in both humans and animals including this specific paper outlining the safety of CBD in cats and dogs.

Recommended Dosage

Researchers from New York gave both cats and dogs 2 mg of CBD per kg of weight twice daily with no adverse effects (some cats had excessive licking, but in our house this is normal, with or without CBD).

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