CBD fragrance has arrived.

29th May 2019

Dirty Grass

What’s your signature scent? Are you a perfume or an Eau de Toilette kinda gal or a Eau de Cologne kinda guy? Or do you care?  I would like to introduce to you Dirty Grass by Heretic.

Dirty Grass just launched to coincide with the hazy, lazy days of summer and gives its wearers a dose of cannabidiol transdermally. Natural fragrance brand Heretic has designed an organic perfume that’s meant to get into your bloodstream and give you all the CBD benefits.


The name really appeals to my mischievous self for one!  Heretic by definition is to not conform to the established opinion of the masses. Resonates with my rebellious side too!  Their ethos is to “go far beyond the cosmetic department and into the realm of homeopathy, ayurveda and herbology”

Unisex with fragrance notes of lavendar, musk, calry sage and beeswax and full spectrum CBD.  I am more than intrigued.

Heretic founder Douglas Little told wwd.com/beauty today:

“We've been deep diving into how punk rock can I get with the naturally derived idea, and how far can I push this,” Little said. “I really wanted to create a new product that not only smelled incredible and had a really unique odor profile, but really ventured into the world of what we're calling functional fragrance.”

Smell good, feel good and therapeutic

Functional fragrance is a new marketing term for aromatherapy and transdermal application.

A fragrance with a function designed to help you reset at times of high stress. I’m sold.  Scents are not only evocative but trigger a physiological response – simply put spritzing scent all over your body is one of the fastest ways to alter your emotional state.

The glossier generation have now departed the Scandi chic perfume section to the aisle that’s ethically informed, pared-down, and works with your body.

It looks like the compass of the CBD zeitgeist has swivelled on self care and landed on perfume. Dirty Grass is set to become the scent of summer. Smell good. Feel good.

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