Replacing My Entire Skincare Routine with CBD Products

4th May 2020

CBD, it’s the word on everyone’s lips, skin, hair, and basically any other body parts you can think of. It’s responsible for the famous cannabis-induced glow-up. And not to mention, probably the most buzzed-about skincare ingredient we’ve heard of in quite some time.

But why exactly? Well, it could be down to CBD’s all-encompassing powers. It’s used in health and wellness, natural beauty products and as a potential method to ease our anxieties. Ticking all the boxes of our current distractions.

CBD has hit the beauty world hard. With quite a number of high-class brands dipping their toes in the cannabis craze. With hundreds of products out there to choose from, you could even replace your entire skincare routine with CBD…

Benefits of CBD Beauty

CBD has not just one, but a long list of benefits for the skin. This is probably the main reason why it is so popular. And why the CBD trend is here to stay.
For those of you who don’t know, CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s one of 108 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant and is non-psychoactive. Basically meaning it can’t get you ‘high’.

One of CBD’s most celebrated benefits for the skin is its ability to reduce acne. Acne is a condition caused by inflammation, and as we know CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Numerous studies have found that CBD can visibly reduce redness, break-outs, and it can soothe the skin.

CBD’s next trick is tackling wrinkles and anti-ageing. And as it’s derived from nature you might not be surprised to hear it’s full of antioxidants. When used topically CBD is said to counteract free-radical damage, visibly reducing dullness and wrinkles.

The last benefit we’re going to mention is CBD’s ability to promote calmness and ease anxiety. You might be wondering how this is skin related, but stress is known to be one of the biggest causes of break-outs. So, trying CBD skincare could benefit both your mind and body.

The Best CBD-infused Products:

1. Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser by Poko

You might have noticed we have mentioned Poko a couple of times on our list. The reason for this is that it’s one of our favourite brands at the minute. Poko are one of the first companies to offer a complete range of CBD products at such high quality.

The first product we’re going to mention is their Regenerating Moisturiser. Full of antioxidants, this cream is rich in CBD and other vitamins. The innovative addition of Matrixyl 3000 also works to reduce fine lines and dullness.

2. Hemp Hand Protector by the BodyShop

The second item on our list is the Hemp Hand Protector by the BodyShop. We’ve heard a lot of people raving about this product and at £5 a bottle it’s an absolute steal. The nourishing hemp cream is designed to tackle and soothe very dry skin.

It offers 24hr hydration and protection for your hands from all of the earth’s harsh elements. Not to mention its 100% vegetarian and enriched with community trade hemp seed oil which comes from France. You’ll also be happy to know that it’s dermatologically tested.

3. Poko’s Correcting Eye Cream

Eye cream is an absolute must in any skincare routine. They fight the signs of ageing and keep our delicate under-eye skin hydrated. Poko’s Correcting Eye Cream has a range of uses and is suitable for all skin types.

Eye Cream Poko
Their correcting eye cream uses avocado, moisturising plant oils, and CBD to look after the skin. The carefully selected list of ingredients work to reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles. An addition of Hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated by attracting moisture out of the air and locking it in.
And if this wasn’t enough, it’s also the perfect base for under your eye concealer.

4. Lip Butter from Vertly

If dry lips are something you suffer from, then you may want to add Vertly’s lip butter to your daily routine. The CBD infused product is handcrafted and said to ‘be intensely moisturising’. With ingredients like shea butter, cacao butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil.

Infused with a whopping 25mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, chapped lips will be a thing of the past. In three delightful scents, cocoa, rose and peppermint, Vertly have a range of choices to suit absolutely everyone.

5. Soothing Serum from Poko

The last of Poko’s products on our list is their super Soothing Serum. Designed to reach the deepest layers of the skin, this serum is lightweight and ultra-calming.
It uses microbial properties of tea tree oil to help fight bacteria and vegetable glycerin to keep the skin moisturised. The CBD present helps to reduce inflammation and also regulate oil function. If you have oily or combination skin, this product is an absolute must.

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