Can CBD Help with Tattoo Recovery?

19th December 2019

Getting a tattoo is very much a love-hate experience. There is great excitement and anticipation in inking something meaningful to your body, but the thoughts of the needle and the recovery afterwards can put you off.

Trauma to the skin results in scratching, inflammation, peeling, redness, and a whole load of pain! But now anecdotal evidence from tattoo artists and their clients suggests that CBD oil may just be the balm needed to ease this pain.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD as it is better known is the compound from the hemp plant that has been clinically proven to reduce seizures in people with epilepsy. The vast majority of its other benefits are based on animal and cell research as well as an abundance of anecdotal evidence.

How Can CBD Help?

Thousands of peer-reviewed papers, which can be found in the US National Library of Medicine, have shown CBD to be highly effective at the following:

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce Pain
  • Kill Bacteria
  • Relieve Swelling
  • Moisturise The Skin

Reduce Anxiety

First and foremost, a lot of people would love to get a tattoo but they are too afraid and nervous. CBD has been shown in numerous human clinical studies to relieve anxiety, discomfort, without any sedative effects.

Reduce Inflammation

Being stabbed over and over with a needle leads to unnecessary and uncomfortable inflammation. CBD’s most notable effect is its ability to reduce inflammation which has been shown time and time again in an abundance of research and will work brilliantly on tattooed skin.

Reduce Pain

CBD may be able to help with the pain during and after getting a tattoo. CBD has been shown to act on multiple receptors, in particular, serotonin receptors which are located on the signalling pathway of pain thereby inhibiting the message and relieving the sensation of pain.

Kill Bacteria

Infection after a tattoo is common but CBD will greatly help stop this from happening. Irish based lab Integumen showed how CBD can kill 99% of bacteria on the skin.

Reduce Swelling

Swelling is common in particular when tattoos are inked onto the hands with some people not seeing their knuckles for days. Anecdotal evidence shows that swelling significantly reduced following the application of CBD.

Moisturise the Skin

CBD balms made with essential oils and nourishing butter are perfect for moisturising your skin keeping it soft and your tattoo looking like new for longer.

The vast number of potential benefits of CBD together with anecdotal evidence from people in the tattoo industry suggests CBD can help you recover and maintain your active lifestyle.

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