Using CBD to Treat Your Skin After Shaving

13th November 2019

Razor burn, ingrown hairs and itchiness are common issues for both men and women when trying to achieve that flawless shave. The skin can be left red and inflamed with pimple-like bumps that aren’t ideal if you want to look your very best. Even when following guides on ‘how to achieve the perfect shave’, you can still be left with the odd niggle here and there to sort out, especially in the pesky hard-to-reach places.

If the whole area of skin you have shaved is affected, then you do need to address some issues first:

  • Use a good amount of shaving cream, massage it in the skin and let it settle for a few minutes to soften the hairs.
  • Ensure the blades of your razor are in good condition. So, well-lubricated with no visible rust.
  • Always shave with the grain of your hair. Going against the grain will tug and instantly damage the skin.
  • Don’t over-do shaving a particular area. Most people repeatedly go over an already perfectly shaved area of skin. Once the cream has been removed, you shouldn’t need to go back over again.
  • Use very hot water to clean the cream and hair out of the blades between strokes.

Despite doing all of the above, you may still experience some form of blemish from shaving, and that’s where CBD moisturiser will help.

What Is CBD moisturiser?

CBD moisturiser is the new beauty product that is scientifically proven to reduce oily skin and help to relieve the symptoms caused by ingrown hairs. When used as a part of your daily routine, CBD moisturiser can have positive effects on your skin, especially for people looking for quick relief from any painful blemishes they may be suffering from.

Most CBD moisturisers are to be applied directly to the face following a wash or shave. They protect against dehydrated skin, whilst simultaneously allowing for CBD to be absorbed through your pores, letting it work its magic.

How Does CBD Moisturiser Work?

CBD moisturiser works better than regular moisturiser on many levels. CBD is sebostatic, meaning that it reduces the production of sebum, which is the cause of oily skin. This doesn’t just have uses for those of us who have oily skin though, it means that CBD is medically capable of treating acne, and there are plenty of clinical studies that prove it.

CBD Shaving

CBD also helps with ingrown hairs. Those who shave often will have experienced ingrown hairs, and those of who have had an ingrown hair will certainly say how painful they can be. Ingrown hairs are caused by the hair being removed so closely that the hair follicle changes direction and grows into the skin instead of out of it. This can cause symptoms, such as:

  • Small fluid-filled bumps
  • Painful itching
  • Redness and blotchiness

CBD is an anti-inflammatory, so it reduces the swelling and pain from ingrown hairs. As a secondary effect, this also reduces the itching. Because CBD reduces the production of sebum, it also means that the fluid-filled bumps are naturally reduced in size. Overall, it helps with every symptom of ingrown hairs that are caused by regular shaving.

Final Thought on CBD Moisturiser for Shaving

CBD moisturiser works for those who shave regularly, those with skin conditions that result in inflammation of the skin and for those who want a daily moisturiser to give themselves a nice, healthy glow.

Those of us who are afflicted with skin conditions will know how laborious using lots of different products can be, hence why for some of us, CBD moisturiser can be considered a godsend.

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