5 Eco-Friendly Hemp Christmas Gifts for Him

9th December 2019

Buying your friend, dad, brother or husband a gift this Christmas may feel like one of the hardest things you have to do in your life. And it happens every year. You may have something planned all year round and then a month before Christmas he nonchalantly goes and buys your inspired idea with complete oblivious bliss. Sometimes the best solution is to buy him something he will want but doesn’t know he wants, and our hemp Christmas gift list is here to help.

Whether you are looking for a stocking filler or that big present for a man in your life, take a look at our eco-friendly hemp Christmas gift list for men for some unique and thoughtful ideas.

Hemp Face Cream

21st-century ideas of the modern man are evolving and traditional values are ever-changing. Nowadays nearly 40% of men in the UK use a facial skin care product. The idea is simple – men want their skin to look good. So, we are kicking off our eco-friendly hemp Christmas gift list for men with a skincare product.

Hemp has been used in cosmetics and beauty since the inception of the industry, but many mainstream brands have avoided it due to the association with cannabis. This is now changing as the western world’s thoughts towards cannabis changes.

The Hemp Face Cream for Men by Cremcann is a naturally moisturising face cream designed with men’s skin in mind. Containing hemp oil and hemp seed extract in addition to shea butter and coenzyme E, this rejuvenating face cream contains essential omega-3 fatty acids that absorbed quickly into the skin without residue. What’s more, is that it is cheap and will make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas.

Hemp Jocks

Men get purchased underwear at Christmas like it’s going out of fashion. It has become almost a joking point for most men but what they might not admit is that they actually love it. What they don’t like though is multipacks of the same cheap boxers that lose their shape after 5 washes.

Enter Hemp Boxers from WAMA, who have created an affordable hemp boxer from sizes S to XXXL that will easily turn into your man’s favourite pair. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres, resulting in them lasting a super long time and holding their shape for the duration whilst being breathable and moisture-absorbent.

This hemp Christmas gift is perfect for the man who is looking for that high-quality, comfortable and soft fitted boxer that gives wonderful freedom of movement.

Hemp T-Shirt

Hemp is becoming ever popular as designers are discovering how best to work with the fibre to make soft and durable clothing. Previous complaints about hemp being tough and itchy are now a thing of the past, as hemp’s naturally strong fibres are being transformed into soft and luxurious clothing that stand the test of time.

A t-shirt that holds its shape after countless washes is fast going to become a man’s favourite t-shirt, and that’s exactly the case with these two offerings. Depending on the style of the man you are purchasing for, you may consider this subtle tie-dye pattern hemp t-shirt from Seeker US.

Hemp Bag

It’s a great feeling purchasing a Christmas gift for someone else when you know the company you are purchasing from has strong values and care for the planet we live on, and that’s exactly what you get with Sativa Hemp Bags. With a wide selection of different style bags and accessories in a variety of colours, there something to suit any man’s needs.

A favourite of ours has to be the Sativa Hemp Tank Bag with buckles that is functional whilst being stylish and affordable. Made from 100% natural hemp/cotton mix; this bag is environmentally friendly. It is the perfect Christmas gift.

Hemp Beard Oil

Last but certainly not least on our list of hemp Christmas gifts for men, we are heading back into the beauty industry with this Hemp & Grapeseed Beard Oil from Le Baigneur. It is a deeply penetrating beard oil that doesn’t leave a residue as some beard oils can do. It quickly soaks into your skin, giving that moisturising feeling and shine, whilst being dry to the touch.

Hemp makes wonderful skincare products because compounds present with hemp can regulate the production of sebum, the oil in your skin that can clog up pores resulting in spots and blackheads. So, whilst this product is moisturising, it will also help keep acne and a variety of skin conditions at bay.

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