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10th May 2019

Eco friendly furniture is made out of many sustainable fabrics and materials. Hemp furniture is probably the most popular in the “green furniture” realm these days.

Often totally organic, and durable, hemp furniture lasts a long time and can handle wear and tear amazingly. Why buy furniture that will not last long when you can buy furniture made from sustainable materials that look amazingly stylish? Yes, sustainable furniture can be pretty slick. Hemp furniture is sure to start a conversation at your next dinner party.

“For 5,900 years, hemp was earth’s most important commodity, and in the last 50 years, it’s been earth's most persecuted commodity,” said Paul Benhaim, founder of one of the largest Hemp CBD manufacturers – Elixinol.

Anything wood can do hemp can do better

Anything wood can do hemp can usually do too. A lot of wood goes into making furniture.
People throw away furniture more often than they realize. Couches, chairs, etc. can all be made, top to bottom, out of hemp.
Over the years, the hemp industry has experienced a lot of ups and downs, but with the recent explosion in the popularity of CBD and a shift in demand for natural products, the industry is experiencing a renaissance.
Due to this new demand for hemp and hemp-based products, farmers and green-fingered entrepreneurs all over the world are turning to hemp cultivation as the next big thing.
Thanks CBD.

Hemp is not Cannabis

Cannabis is a classification of plants with various species, and Hemp and Marijuana are both species of plant within the Cannabis family.

Although Hemp and Marijuana are both species of Cannabis, they have several distinct differences. Hemp is completely different from marijuana in its function, cultivation and applications. Hemps applications are in automobiles, body care, clothing, construction, food, plastic, etc and is NOT a psychoactive compound. Hemp has only traces of CBD while CBD oil can have up to 20 percent. It is this higher concentration that makes CBD beneficial in the treatment of various health disorders. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber of any source available.

Shift in demand for natural products

With the fast-growing popularity of CBD throughout the globe, and dozens of practical usages and bio-friendly alternatives made possible by hemp, the hemp industry is positioned to continue to skyrocket. The only challenge left now is to continue to build awareness and educate the general public.

New Alternatives

Hemp Canvas Butterfly Chair – Canvas Mariposa is a wonderful alternative to the leather butterfly chair. The hemp cover breathes in a way that keeps you cool in the summer and warm during the winter. With extra strong fibers, comfy too. Ah the Swedes – they do things so well. Cuero Design care about nature and sustainability. According to their website:

“We believe that you will become more creative if your surround yourself with beautiful items. We think that human beings, no matter how technical we become, will always have a necessity to be in contact with nature.”

That's why Cuero Design is a place where Nature Meets Art.

Where in the world?


The Hemp chair by Werner Aisslinger
That’s all I’m saying – check it out online

Werner claims the development of his hemp chair marks a turning point in this trend.
“Design history is driven by new technologies and material innovation.” His work is exhibited in MoMA- the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum, New York. It’s a pretty cool complex design with soft curves and good aesthetics.

Ladbroke Grove, London

Empatika, has a passion for eco design. They believe it’s the future, and hopefully interior designers and furniture makers across the world will soon be designing spaces and fixtures where the environment comes first. Using sustainable materials is integral to the concept of eco design.

“You’re welcome Hemp” said CBD “delighted to bring you back into the consumer's consciousness”!

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