US Department store Barneys gets Behind Luxury Cannabis and Hemp

18th September 2019

Are you a fan of luxury cannabis accessories and designer clothes? If so, you’re in luck, as Barneys department store have opened a ‘cannabis store-within-a store’ in Beverly Hills, New York. Fittingly called The High End, the new shop which is located on the fifth floor, is a luxury head shop offering the finest paraphernalia and CBD infused beauty products.

The High End store is currently exclusive to Barney’s headquarters however there are plans to expand to additional Barneys locations in legal using states. The NY store only sell cannabis accessories and are not a dispensary as recreational cannabis-use is still legal in the city.

Creative Director at Barneys Matt Mazzucca explains, “Our brand is really about acknowledging cultural shifts and creating dialogues”.

“There’s a lot of controversy about cannabis, and also a growing acceptance, so we wanted to find a way to tell an elevated story and bring it to life within our doors.”

What’s on offer?

If you have always dreamed of owning a gold and silver cannabis necklace, then you’ll be happy to know that Barneys has you covered. The High End store has a stunning designer piece by Carole Shashona on sale for a mere $20,500.

Or, if that seems a little too pricey then you can get your hands on a cannabis-inspired bracelet for 7K, or a silver joint ring for $1,600. For the real cannabis connoisseurs, Angular Dream pipes are available made from amethyst and fluorite from designer Jan Leslie.

What is CBD?

And cloud-shaped crystal water pipes, that give a whole new meaning to the word ‘high’. These upmarket bongs by Caleb Siemon will cost you $950 dollars, however when you’re not using them they can double up as a fancy art piece on any shelf or table.

‘Luxe and Lit’

If you like to roll your own then you may be interested in the elegant paper products on offer by Frenhg purveyor, Devambez. The collection includes ultra thin organic hemp rolling papers which come in at $160 for a set of 10, and pre-rolled cones with watermark for $78 dollars.

A stylish black lizard vape pen case complete with a Vianel gold logo can be yours for just $40. Designer Bebo also features social-dosing THC and CBD products – which are displayed in an elegant ‘Gatsby-like art deco’. And if you fancy something personalised, the Beboe representatives are on hand at all times to take your order and have it delivered straight to your home.

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