The Hermes of CBD

9th September 2019

It was only a matter of time before something with a real sense of class touched down in CBD world. Increasingly, as CBD moves further and further into the spotlight, it will naturally transition into the luxury lifestyle market. That product may be on the shelves sooner, rather than later.

Based in California, where cannabis laws aren’t nearly as strict in other parts of the world, Beboe market a whole range of CBD and THC rich products. Founder Scott Campbell, who is a celebrity tattoo artist and fine artist, wanted to lose the atmosphere of feeling like you were buying weed off your teenage friends in high school. He wants his upscale products to appeal to design-savvy professionals who value premium quality to their purchases.

A Changing Market

One of the top names to be attracting that kind of attention in the CBD market is Beboe. Not to be confused with the social media platform of a yesteryear, Beboe was founded by Scott Campbell with the sole aim of improving the aesthetics around CBD. They have set themselves up to be one of the premium places for people to get their product.

On their website they feature a range of quality products. For example, Beboe Besties is their “super affordable starter pack” that they believe will cover all the most basic customer needs. And you know that you’re getting a quality product because the prices aren’t even listed on the site. How A-list is that?

Their launch party, attended by such Hollywood types as Orlando Bloom and Sharon Stone unveiled their lavish designer line and their plans for the future. Mr. Campbell said that that event was the epitome of what Beboe hopes to cater to, “dinner party culture.”

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Fashionable Skincare

CBD skin care is an avenue that’s certainly worth exploring for many companies. Beboe is not headed up by a dummy, so they’re jumping onto the bandwagon with both feet. They announced their foray into skin care with a two-product range of serum and sheet masks. What makes these special is that they boast the full-spectrum CBD.

What makes Beboe work so well could be the fact that so many people are making the switch from fashion to work in cannabis. Fashion designers have been seeing the promise that this rich new market holds and are bringing years of expertise and aesthetic savvy to what could otherwise be a visually uninspired landscape. Beboe is a prime example of this job trend, employing a number of former designers from companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, and Yoox, to name a few.

These people can bring years of expertise in branding, awareness, marketing, and selling products that using methods that have been tried and tested in the beauty industry. Effectively, they’ve set themselves up for a winner right away. But only time will tell, of course, if it all lives up to the hype. After all Hermes is iconic.

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