Why Do Millennials Love CBD Tea So Much?

15th January 2019

Herbal teas are nothing new, we all have that friend who tries to foist everything from Earl Grey to nettle tea (which is a type of terrorism) onto us.  Now, with the rising popularity of CBD the tea market has shifted to make room for it.

Cannabis tea is nothing new, people have been consuming it for thousands of years, usually in an attempt to provoke some kind of vision quest. CBD tea, however, is a different thing. For one thing it’s legal, it’s non-psychoactive, and you don’t have to trek into the wilderness to track it down.

So, why do millenials love CBD so much?

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  • It Can Help Reduce Nausea

Herbal teas have long been used as a remedy for a range of minor issues and ailments. Everything from peppermint tea to lemongrass have been employed as a way to treat a sick stomach for centuries.

CBD can be used to treat nausea on its own, but in a herbal tea that combines it with peppermint, it can provide a huge amount of relief for nearly any form of upset stomach. This is an effective, soothing, and natural way to help relieve the worst symptoms of nausea.

  • It Can Help Reduce Anxiety

A cup of tea is a calming ritual in its own right, but this can be further-augmented by the soothing properties of herbs like chamomile. When you add CBD to this mix, you’ve got a nearly guaranteed anti-anxiety brew that will shove any raised hackles right back down into their pouches.

CBD works in synergy with the endocannabinoid system. It binds with CB receptors, promoting rest and relaxation. It can also help lower your blood pressure and it’s anti-inflammatory properties mean that any tension in your muscles will just melt away.

  • Promote Restful Sleep

One of the number one anxieties people suffer from today is the fear that they’re not getting enough sleep. There’s nothing worse than watching the clock tick ever onwards while you lie in your bed, simultaneously too hot and too cold. There is a solution thankfully, CBD!

CBD can help promote restful sleep thanks to its calming properties. A cup of CBD tea before bed can help anyone suffering from insomnia by suppressing aches, pains, and promoting relaxation.

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