The Perfect Millennial Combo – CBD and Food Trucks

7th September 2019

Food trucks are now more popular than ever among millennials in the United States, they’ve even been dubbed the ‘the Food Truck Generation.’ Along with that, millenials are the most likely age group to use CBD with a large percentage of them saying that they’ve used or would be willing to use a CBD-infused product in the future.

It’s no small wonder then that CBD food trucks are steadily increasing in popularity and ubiquity across the United States. La Xochitl Burgers and Tacos is owned by Chef Chito Arreola and operates in the Denver area. They serve a diverse range of dishes including the Cracker Jack Burger, that can be topped up with sunny side-up egg, bacon, peanut butter, and jalapeño jelly. They also serve a range of vegan options too, but any order can be spiced up with some full-spectrum CBD sauce.

Arreola said:

“Denver is a little more open to CBD and THC. They’re the pioneers, I decided to take a wild shot out here and launch this truck.”

It was one of the first Denver-based food trucks to start serving CBD-infused foods, but it will doubtfully be last. All of the ingredients are locally-sourced even down to the spices. Chef Arreola knows exactly what he’s looking for in his ingredients. Before starting this food truck business he served as the head chef to the President of Gabon for three years, and cooked for celebrities like Venus and Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Tom Brady, and Tiger Woods.

“I thought it would be really cool to just have a secret sauce with CBD in it and you can order anything on the menu with CBD.”

The CBD oil used is odorless and tasteless but everything on the menu is available without CBD and the “secret sauce” is only added by request.

Despite the overlapping popularity of both CBD and food trucks, beginning a business such as this is not without risk as Arreola is aware. He sees the food truck as a much safer way to test out an idea than a traditional restaurant where the start-up costs can be multiple times that of a food truck business.

Food trucks the best way to test a concept

“It’s a great way to test a concept. You don’t know if it’s going to work so you’d rather pay $50,000 for an old truck like this than to take out a half-a-million-dollar loan and put it in a building and six months later it doesn’t really work out,” he said. It is his hope to eventually move to a brick-and-mortar restaurant but for now the focus is on flavour and customer service.

CBD dishes are becoming popular across the country and not just in progressive cities like Denver. In Georgia, Sunshine Alchemy offer juices and cocktails with an optional CBD extra. While in Oregon, CBD Joe’s serves its whole menu infused with CBD. However, there is a danger for business owners as CBD has not been federally recognized as a legal food additive. This is only loosely enforced in most areas, but it does leave business owners at risk of penalization.

At the same time though, it seems clear that there is an undeniable public demand for what these food truck owners are selling. Added to that the increasing legalisation measures that are taking place not only in the United States but across Europe and it’s easy to see which way the wind is blowing. It seems that CBD-infused foods could become a fixture that we become accustomed to seeing in the not too distant future.

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