Five Refreshing Health and Wellness Accounts to Follow

22nd August 2019

Gone are the days where Instagram was simply a means to reach out to friends, or check up on your high school crush. The social media platform can now be used as your very own cookbook, stylist, fitness and life motivation – with tutorials on how to do everything from making your own clothes to recreating celebrity makeup.

One of the biggest Instagram trends at the moment is health and wellness accounts. They’re a refreshing change from the hundreds of fitness bloggers which can be motivating and inspiring, but also sometimes have the opposite effect. A sea of body-perfect images can be toxic and not to mention exhausting to keep up with, but don’t let this put you off – we’ve picked out the best health and wellness accounts out there.

These lifestyle accounts show the realistic side to fitness, wellness, and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. They focus on balance, being happier, loving yourself, and creating healthy habits that you can live by!

Here’s 5 of our top picks of who to follow – bloggers that keep it real and are dedicated to inspiring you day in and day out…


Kylie Mitchell is an eating disorder dietitian and inspiring blogger who is fighting the good fight and helping us all make peace with our natural body size. She is all about body positivity and creating healthy habits, on her page you’ll find some delicious food, photos of her cute kids and some of her original watercolor paintings that are a mix of positivity, humour, and a self confessed outlet for her passive-aggressiveness.


Mina Gerges is a badass curve male model making it okay for guys to be body positive. You might recognize him from some of the ‘diva images’ he creates online, giving Beyonce and Kim K a run for their money. Second to modelling, Mina discusses positive body image and opens up about past struggles with body dissatisfaction. Check him out to hear all about learning self love, growing your confidence, and how to love your ‘cute little belly and squishyness’.


To the untrained eye, this Instagram page might not look like the best health and wellness account to follow. You’ll soon however realise (much to your delight) that all of Kaylie’s recipes are in fact healthy, and also vegan, paleo, gluten, and dairy-free. Some delicious-looking treats include double chocolate cake, huge bowls of ice cream, and giant breakfast stacks. Because who doesn’t want to eat cake every day?


Kelvin Davis is a body-positive guy and author of the book ‘Notoriously Dapper’, who is trying to make all style accessible for guys of all sizes. For years he has fought endlessly to make the fashion industry more inclusive and has teamed up with CEO action – for diversity and inclusion – to get his followers to pledge on supporting inclusion. He loves all the benefits of both CBD and Hemp so check out his Instagram for daily motivation, bundles of positivity and some serious style.


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My practice shows how powerful my body is and fuels my appreciation for all it does on a daily basis.⠀ ⠀ ✨ That sense of gratitude has been illuminated with my yoga practice. ⠀ ⠀ ✨ I am blessed to live in this body and I need to honor and love it.⠀ ⠀ ✨ This is what my practice continues to teach me, and my daily practice reaffirms who I am by allowing me to connect with my spiritual side. ⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ #yogaforall #yogaforeveryone #standinyourpower #power #empowerment #blessed #yogapractice #honoryourbody #youareenough #selflove #feedyoursoul #foodforthesoul #spirituality #connectwithyourspiritualside #yogaeveryday #practiceyoga #selfloveclub #takecareofyourbody #loveyourself #beyourself #yogaanywhere #blackyogi #blackgirlyoga #womenempoweringwomen #equalityact #diversity #diversityinyoga

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If you’re sick of the motivational and inspiring quotes on your newsfeed and want to hear from someone who is keeping it real then meet Dianna Body. Dianna is an author, disruptor, consciousness shifter, and yoga teacher who works towards educating and inspiring her followers. She’s not afraid to say when she is having a sh*t day and will make you feel like you’re not alone in your feelings either. She's been trying CBD and Yoga and if you’re into yoga she also has some great videos of her creating poses (fails and all included).

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