CBD Water – Trendy or Here to Stay?

22nd August 2019

These days you can seemingly put CBD into anything, topical creams, food, beer, and now, even water. Companies are now launching their own lines of CBD-infused water. But is this just a trend or will CBD water become a staple of society the way multivitamins have. At this stage in the game only time will, but it’s fun to speculate nevertheless.

CBD water follows along the trend of other foods that have been bolstered by the power of the chemical. In recent years, it seems like you can’t go outside without hearing someone talk about CBD. Although they’re still working on the scientific back up, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that seems to indicate it does good things. So what about CBD water?

Does it Work?

There have been no studies to verify whether or not CBD water is beneficial when consumed regularly. Scientists are only beginning to understand how CBD may assist in various functions within the body. These are studies centred around the endocannabinoid system. So in all honesty, no one can really account, one way or the other, for its health or wellness benefits at the moment.

What is CBD?

How Does it Dissolve?

processing CBD water

So CBD is an oil, or more technically, it’s a fat. For the discerning readers out there, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that oil and water don’t typically mix together. In order to successfully infuse CBD into water, you have to dissolve it in a fat or alcohol.

Typically, fat molecules do not enter the bloodstream and instead go through the lymphatic system. Vessels in this system exchange fluids with blood vessels through capillaries. Eventually, after a whole slew of bodily functions these fatty compounds are sent back to the intestinal tract and gotten rid of.

But, by fusing water with CBD we can successfully avoid this system entirely. What happens instead is that it is instead absorbed into the bloodstream and sent out to the organs that need it.

Bang for You Bioavailability

What might be a game changer for CBD is its bioavailability. This is because of its easy absorption process, as stated above. Many other CBD edibles have the drawback that they are not as bioavailable. A supplement with poor bioavailability basically means that most of the CBD is taken out of your body before it can even be processed. Not so with CBD water. Which means that, technically, you could take less CBD in order to get the results you wanted.

Catching the Natural Food Wave

Having the most nutritionally viable food possible is really, really in. Everyone from celebrities, to Instagram models, to your mate Kev, is snapping pics of their wise food choices. Protein shakes, herbal teas, and, naturally, CBD-anything. The companies promoting CBD are obviously banking on this wave continuing for a long while to come. They’re probably not wrong either.

Don’t let that calculated business model deter you from trying out CBD water, though. As they say, everything works but you need to discover what works for you. This couldn’t be truer than when it comes to CBD.

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