Can CBD Relieve Psoriasis Symptoms?

14th September 2019

Kim Kardashian has been one of the most vocal advocates for people suffering from psoriasis and has regularly detailed her struggles with the skin condition on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Still, wonder how CBD can Help With Psoriasis?

We looked back at one of the most bizarre moments of last season when the reality TV mogul opened up about how her psoriasis had gotten so bad, that she resorted to meeting a ‘Medical Medium’ in an attempt to get to the bottom of her condition.

Psoriasis is characterized as a chronic skin condition that results in red, flaky, and itchy patches of skin all over the body. It differs from eczema in that it is not just caused by environmental factors like the weather, allergies, or harsh detergents – although they can certainly worsen flare-ups.

Unlike eczema, psoriasis is actually an autoimmune condition in which the average life cycle of skin cells is sped up considerably. Instead of shedding off naturally at a normal rate, the skin cells build up rapidly on top of each other which causes areas of scaly, dry red skin that can be itchy and painful.

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The jury’s out on whether a medical medium can actually converse with your individual organs to diagnose illnesses (let's err on the side of caution with a hard no). But we feel for Kim – for individuals suffering from this chronic condition it can be so frustrating that people will try anything to reduce their symptoms (Which is probably why Kim once resorted to splashing her sister Kourtney’s breast milk on her legs in an attempt to relieve an itchy psoriasis flare-up).

If you’re just an average person suffering from psoriasis who doesn’t have access to Kardashian breast milk (there’s a sentence we never thought we’d say) – there’s a chance that CBD could be your secret weapon.

How can CBD help psoriasis?

While cannabidiol (CBD) has been touted to treat every ailment under the sun, there is some real scientific research to show that it could help to alleviate the symptoms associated with psoriasis.

A 2016 review of research found that cannabinoids like CBD could work as a potential treatment for psoriasis, because of links between the body’s inflammatory response and the endocannabinoid system.

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An earlier 2010 review of several studies found that cannabinoids like CBD which target the body’s CB2 receptor could provide effective treatment for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders like psoriasis. At the right concentration, the review found that cannabinoids could alleviate the body’s inflammatory response and protect against acute and chronic inflammation.

In a 2016 study of arthritis in rats, researchers found that applying topical CBD greatly reduced inflammation associated with joint pain – which is promising for other inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, which present as localized flare-ups.

While more research is greatly needed, there are already companies formulating CBD body salves and creams specially formulated for the treatment of psoriasis, as well as other skin conditions.

Swiss brand Cibdol sells a CBD-infused skin treatment specifically for psoriasis, while CBD-infused skin serums are popping up in Sephora and Cult Beauty.

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Ultimately, Kim’s Medical Medium suggested that she try celery juice to reduce her psoriasis symptoms, which he attributed to a build-up of copper deposits in her liver. Keep in mind though, this guy isn’t a certified doctor or nutritionist – he’s just really into celery juice, and according to his Instagram, he is also the self-described founder of the “Global Celery Juice Movement”.

If you’re not that pushed on celery juice – tbh, why would anyone be – there’s a chance that either oral or topical CBD (or a double-whammy combination of the two) could be the answer to your prayers.

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