How Shatner Uses Cannabis Oil for Pain

24th August 2020

If you need an endorsement for using cannabis oil for pain you can't do much better than Captain Kirk.

Veteran actor and Star Trek star, William Shatner, revealed in an interview that he’s using cannabinoid products and extracts to manage pain.

While preparing to promote the second season of The UnXplained, Shatner explained how he is managing pain by using cannabis oil.

“I’ve got some aches and pains I didn’t have a few years ago,” Shatner said. “But, I’m finding out there are many things that help aches and pains that we didn’t know about just a few years ago.”

To help him overcome this pain, Shatner turned to the two most commonly used cannabinoids to alleviate swelling in his joints and stubborn pain: THC and CBD.

Boldly Going Where Many Have Gone

Like many before him, he quickly realised the efficacy of topical cannabis oil products.

“Well, THC and CBD, and that kind of thing—it’s magical. I’ve had swollen joints where it hurts, you rub some on and while you’re rubbing it on, the pain disappears. It’s magical.”

The Canadian-born actor went on to talk about how cannabinoid-based products are helping where conventional drugs have fallen short.

“There are things around us that we haven’t discovered yet which seemingly are mysterious but then we find an explanation.”

Shatner Trek

Shatner’s latest revelation shouldn’t be that surprising to Trekkies around the globe. After a long, multi-faceted career in Hollywood, he’s not too worried about tarnishing his image.

Five years ago, he bluntly put it, “Oh, I love marijuana,” while on his Ora.TV show Brown Bag Wine Tasting.

What Type of Cannabis Is Good for Pain?

Shatner isn’t the only person who has defended the properties of cannabinoids, after giving in to his own curiosity. Many ordinary people are turning to cannabinoids where mainstream drugs have failed.

According to anecdotal evidence, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it ideal for arthritis-related joint pain, as well as other joint-related symptoms. Studies suggest that CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain, which happen to be two of the most stubborn types of chronic pain.

How to Use Cannabis Oil for Pain?

Word has spread like wildfire about CBD’s potential in topicals. Hemp-derived CBD topical products have become more and more saturated in commercial drug stores.

According to research, both THC and CBD may prove to be instrumental in reducing difficult-to-treat pain, such as pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Thanks to research conducted by investigators such as Dr. Ethan Russo, we know a lot more about how cannabinoids may be able to reduce pain.

While many think that the ‘entourage effect’ of cannabis is the strongest natural ingredient, for now, CBD and small-dose THC products are doing the trick for Shatner.

Always Challenging Norms

From 1966 to 1969, Shatner starred as Captain James T. Kirk in nearly 80 episodes of Star Trek. Shatner—along with Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, and George Takei—solidified Star Trek’s dominance in modern Sci-Fi.

The series also served as an unexpected platform to challenge American norms at the time.

Star Trek challenged the validity of the Vietnam War, and even tackled racism in a series of bold social statements.

The starship USS Enterprise explored the deepest reaches of the galaxy, mirroring America’s then-current race to the moon and beyond. But that was over 50 years ago. However, if you’re feeling so inclined you can stream all Star Trek: The Original Series on Netflix right now.

These days, Shatner has dabbled in just about everything but particularly enjoys offering his voice for spoken-word projects. He hopes that many more people will know how to use cannabis oil for pain.

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