CBD Oil Can Help Inhibit Hair Loss and Its Impact in Men

10th October 2019

You may be wondering if CBD for hair loss is the answer. The internet has played host to many different hair loss cures, some touted to offer a permanent solution but fail to deliver on their promise. The options for answers to preventing hair loss range from herbal remedies to hair transplants and surgical procedures. The products and procedures are available around the globe, creating a $1.5 billion industry.

Premature balding can have a psychological impact on many men, and things are less promising given the fact that most hair loss is genetic. As such, these so-called cures only serve to delay the inevitable. If that is the state of things, then is there a product that can offer a real solution?

CBD oil for hair is believed to be an answer to various health issues, and its use in the area of treating premature hair loss shows significant potential. We shall look at the use of CBD oil and how effective it is in treating premature balding.

Can CBD Oil Cure Hair Loss?

For those new to CBD, this is an organic compound extracted from cannabis or the hemp plant. Different findings from various researchers show that it is a safe and versatile compound free from the psychoactive elements linked to THC. THC is what gives the ‘high’ associated with the recreational use of cannabis.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD oil has been found to contain a host of minerals along with essential fatty acids; this makes it a useful food supplement. It is these nutritional qualities that have many believing CBD could be the best answer to curing hair loss. It also is thought that it can restore healthy hair follicle's growth, elasticity and firmness.

Findings of a study done by the University of Seville show the presence of Omega 3 and 6 acids while also finding high levels of linolenic and gamma-linolenic acid. With such nutrients, CBD oil can effectively help restore and maintain a healthy full, thick head of hair.

Add to it the high levels of Vitamin E and things are even more promising. Vitamin E will help in cell restoration and rejuvenation while also supporting the balance of hormones and thickening of hair.

CBD Hair Loss

Based on these findings, it suffices to say that CBD can improve the condition of your hair. It also CBD oil is also good for male pattern baldness as it can slow the progressive male patterns of baldness in men. The use of CBD oil can also be an answer to temporary hair loss that is attributed to dietary deficiency.

However, few indicators point towards it being useful in treating genetic hair loss. That means it may not reverse the balding process in men that have hereditary baldness in their family.

It is a condition where the hair begins thinning in the vertex area of the head starting at the crow to the hairline. The hair loss is somewhat relentless and gradually progressive until there is no hair on the head.

The Value CBD Oil Offers Young Men Who Are Losing Their Hair

CBD oil may not be a cure for genetic patterns of baldness, but it has organic elements that can improve the condition of the hair which make it thick and healthy for an extended period. It is a product used in the area of hair loss treatment that provides numerous advantages.

Young men that are losing their hair prematurely can use CBD oil to help them cope better with the psychological impact, such as stress, low self-esteem, and anxiety, that are associated with premature baldness.

1. CBD can counter feelings of anxiety

CBD may be a compound extracted from cannabis, but it does not contain the harmful psychoactive qualities. It is derived from the flowers and leaves of the marijuana or hemp plant in a process that isolates other compounds in the plant, including the psychoactive THC.

Moreover, CBD can counter the psychoactive effects of THC by activating the receptors impacted by the THC. It also interacts with other receptors and may not necessarily activate them but will shield them from the impact of THC.

Research gives further findings that show CBD use can help people overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. That means it can be utilised as a natural and organic treatment option for disorders such as OCD, social anxiety and PTSD.

2. CBD can minimise various types of stress

Clinical studies suggest that CBD can regulate emotional responses to trauma as wells that any of the associated symptoms of stress.

It helps individuals to over their stress but inhibiting the activity of the stress receptors located in the amygdala and hippocampus area in the human brain like how it tackles those linked to anxiety. The two work together to influence your emotions and senses. When they are overstimulated, the two can lead to feelings of mental and physical stresses that may be hard for a person to cope with daily.

CBD Hair Loss

Research also shows that CBD oil may be used to lower oxidative stress, which happens occurs when the body metabolises the oxygen we breathe to produce energy. It is a process that also generates free radicals that interacts wit the body cells as well as the core DNA.

If there are excesses of the free radicals, then becomes a risk since the high level are toxic and pollute the natural and healthy state of our internal environment. If not address, then the high volume of free radicals can significantly damage your body cells and lead to negative feelings when experiencing emotional, mental, or physical stress.

CBD oil is so effective because it works as an antioxidant due to its neuroprotective abilities that help to lower the potential cell damage. Therefore, you will be able to better cope with the emotional stress and depression associated with hair loss.

3. CBD oil can enhance the quality of sleep

Discovering that you are balding prematurely and that nothing seems to help stop this from happening, can be stressful. This can impact your rest. It can change the quality and patterns of your sleep; this is often attributed to the anxiety and depression associated with the recent discovery.

The human mind requires enough time to rest so that it can process things including powerful emotional experiences. That is where CBD oil comes in to help.

A study on military veterans showed that CBD use helps them to develop effective mechanisms for reducing and coping with anxiety and depression. As such, they were able to sleep better.

One of the ways the compound works is by blocking specific memories and recurrent stressful experiences. Moreover, it optimises cortisol levels in the body that aid in lowering stress, thus leading to a better quality of sleep.

Therefore, CBD will aid in optimising the quality of sleep by suppressing negative things such as bad thoughts and stressful emotions. It also achieves this by reducing the cortisol level.

Premature hair loss can have a mental, physical and emotional impact that is hard to overlook. That is why the use of CBD oil, given its effects, plays a pivotal role in aiding people to cope with their situation so that they can sleep better irrespective of the progressive balding.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is far from being a guaranteed solution to patterns of baldness in men; however, its use can help these individuals to cope with their circumstances. Does cbd oil make hair grow or increase hair growth? Well, we can't say for sure as it depends on person to person. For women, a cbd hair mask may be the missing key to add a healthy shine to your mane.

The utilisation of CBD as a natural remedy can help to temporarily boost the condition of the hair, making it thick and improving its elasticity and firmness. Aside from this, CBD also helps create a positive mental outlook to life by minimising stress, depression and anxiety; and this improves the quality and pattern of sleep.

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