CBD and Musicians

15th September 2019

Muso’s love CBD. Guitar slung over the shoulder, reefer in hand nonchalantly striding to gig –  that stereotype needs to have a new narrative. Cut to 2019 and it’s all about the CBD baby! Musicians are more likely to have prepped for their gig by doing sun salutations or downward dog, having a matcha CBD latte and dropping some oil under tongue. An injection of the good stuff keeps the inflammation away and the pipes in optimum vocal health, allegedly.

CBD ella, ella – under Rhianna’s umbrella

Her Royal Highness Rianna swears by CBD oil.  The Barbadian beauty has always been open about her love of Marijuana and continues to advocate for its wider legislation and usage. CBD oil for beauty purposes is her new obsession.

Barbara Streisand

When we think of Barbra Streisand, we tend to think of broadway musicals, jazz and slickly-arranged pop. We are all aware of the influence of cannabis on many musical genres, like Rock and Rap – power ballad-singing pop singers are not usually one of them. Also, if pop divas are to be debaucherous, it’s meant to be with booze and pills!

Thankfully, Barbra Streisand didn’t go down that route. Apparently, she hated the taste of alcohol, and couldn’t handle taking so much as an aspirin. Fortunately, Barbra avoided the liquor-and-pills that so many film and music stars tend to turn to, preferring instead to partner  with marijuana. Barbra also has quite a few stories to tell, including smoking marijuana with Peter Sellers. You know these stories would have been rip roaringly funny, absurd and profound. These days CBD is her compound of choice.

You’re the one that I want ooh.ooh ooh

olivia newton

Olivia Newton-John has publicly endorsed CBD oil to battle breast cancer. Best known for  her role in Grease with John Travolta, she is a legend.

Her daughter Chloe Lattanzi said to the Express.co.uk recently that she is using CBD oil  and other natural remedies to get through her lengthy cancer battle. It is giving her enormous relief for the pain.  Olivia herself said “I believe I will win over it”. Can it be any wonder that everybody appears to be reaching for the tincture?

Adam Levine & the CBD collaboration

Ads for Baristas Enrich Roast CBD coffee and its White Coffee featuring recording artist Megs McLean were shown at the 2019 Grammys. Prominently. They also appeared at the Super Bowl CBD front, back and centre amidst performances from the rock band, Astroworld,  rapper Travis Scott and Outkast rapper Big Boi, while singer Adam Levine grabbed attention by removing his tops layer by layer, and ending up shirtless by the end of his set. Yes people were looking at his ripped torso but……also talking about the first time CBD ads were shown at the Super Bowl. America’s highest viewed sporting event featuring its first-ever paid sponsorship for a CBD product is significant.

Willie Nelson

In news that should shock no one, Willie Nelson loves the green space. And now, the cannabis-loving country legend hopes to cash in on with his own line of CBD-infused coffee ‘Willie's Remedy’.

Willie Nelson

Jared Leto

The '30 Seconds to Mars' singer, who is also an accomplished actor, says following a vegan/vegetarian diet has likely helped in delaying the aging process. He does look pretty good.

Also since the hell-raising, drug-taking days of his youth, Leto has knocked all drink and narcotics on the head, telling Rolling Stone he is essentially ‘straight-edge' these days.

It's this mix of a clean, natural, whole-food diet and no inflammation-causing alcohol which keeps his physique sharp and looking young. Self-care, ayurveda a holistic mindset and I’m pretty damn sure a tincture or two can be attributed to his god-like status, benjamin button age-defying looks.

Vocal chops

When singing, your vocal cords vibrate at tens of thousands of times a second, somehow through the miracle of sound (the movement of tonal energy through the atmosphere) a pleasant tone (may or may not) or a discordant sound will be created. When you perform night after night, hundreds of shows a year, it is understandable that vocal strain may occur.

This is no joke and has lead to career-ending injuries, such as vocal polyps. The likes of John Mayer, Meghan Trainor, and Adele have all suffered tour-ending injuries. However, they’re the best of the best and have hundreds of millions of dollars to fix their broken voices. Or have they turned to CBD?

CBD, reduces inflammation without the blood thinning. Singers with healthy, hydrated, and un-inflamed vocal cords will find that singing is much easier with it. When using good vocal technique, coupled with CBD, singers like Rihanna have found  overall vocal strain is considerably lessened.

CBD may be the natural remedy that people are looking for.  This is shattering the myth of the party-hard, pill popping musicians. Finish 2019 the convergence of –  Mind.Body.Soul. Are we all more enlightened? CBD is streaming and going on tour! The narrative has been rebooted.

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