5 Ways to Beat the January Blues

12th January 2020

Christmas and New Years are filled with so many magical moments that when it is all finally over it can leave you feeling a little low. A quick look at a smaller bank balance and an even bigger waistline can be enough to send you into a spiral of depression.

You are left with the choice of wallowing in your own self-pity and spending the next couple of months complaining and procrastinating, or, you can choose to implement these 5 ideas that are guaranteed to beat those January blues.

1. Have Realistic New Year's Resolutions

Unrealistic goals like losing 10 Lbs and being a millionaire this time next year will only stress you out and ultimately disappoint you. Being optimistic and realistic with your goals is key.

Create and take note of recognisable and achievable goals with realistic time frames for completion. Each time you accomplish even the smallest step, literally cross it off your list as this way you will see your progress, your goal will become more visible, and your brain will release reward-induced happy chemicals as a result.

2. Do Nothing

This may sound counter-intuitive at first but by doing nothing, nothing is left undone. We can get caught up with anxiety in this hectic world and forget that we are all just sitting on a big rock floating in outer space and that no one even knows why we are even here in the first place.

By sitting still and doing absolutely nothing we encourage our creative mind to adapt and construct new ideas. Stop feeling guilty about doing nothing. Just sit there, eyes closed and do nothing. You will be surprised at what can come from nothing.

3. Volunteer

Anyone who believes in karma will know how powerful volunteering is. The very act of helping other people is an instant reward in itself but more often sends goodwill your way. Seeing old people smile in a care home or young kids having a laugh because of you is so rewarding.

By helping others we instinctively feel better about ourselves, which increases our self-worth and ultimately how we feel. You don't have to start a charity or save someone’s life, just give someone the most precious of all your commodities. Your time.

4. Play With Your Kids

There was a saying once that “people who pray together stay together” but I am almost certain that this was misinterpreted and that it should read “people who play together stay together”.If you have kids or nieces and nephews who got spoilt by Santa and are now engrossed in their computer, ipads and phones, take them away from all this and play with them.

You will be amazed at how rewarding this can be not only for the kids who CRAVE your time and attention but also for yourself. Playing with kids makes you feel good and reminds you to not take life so seriously all the time, therefore, relieving a lot of stress.

5. Invest In Your Skin

If you follow those first 4 tips you will begin to feel better but if you want to look better too then you need to take heed as to what has happened in the skincare industry.


Over the last 12 months, CBD oil has been infused in all manner of goods in particular creams, lotions and balms. CBD interacts with receptors in your skin thereby nourishing, moisturising and protecting your skin. If you want to look good and invest in your skin then invest in a luxurious CBD skincare product such as the Poko brand.

You deserve to feel and look good!

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