The CBD Brand Who Put a Spell on Us…

17th April 2020

alqemist have only just begun and already they have three products that we love.

Their range includes a CBD oil, CBD spray, and CBD Tea Buds.

All of their products are hand-packed, hand-sealed and hand-checked to provide a service that customers can feel confidence in from start to finish.

Today we’re going to have a quick overview of their products and what we love about them.

CBD oil

Alqemist provides a purity of 99.7%, which is the highest purity you can currently find on the global CBD market.

The raw materials which alqemist is using for the production of their oil are completely natural and free of chemicals, pesticides, and other additives.


They use a CO2 extraction method in which the THC is removed in a special process.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Spray

CBD oral sprays are something we’re still getting used to but the alqemist CBD spray could definitely be a game-changer. Combining an East Asian derived herbal compound with a bit of scientific tweaking, the alqemist CBD spray is packed with benefits.

We took the recommended five sprays under the tongue a couple of times a day over a week. The taste is sweet but not sickening and left us feeling oddly refreshed.


The first thing we noticed was a definite change in mood. Nothing major but definitely greater cognitive abilities, plus an inner calm and serenity.

The second thing that was apparent was how easy it was to include as part of our daily routine. Unlike some other products on the market that can require an overhaul in lifestyle, alqemist just fits.

It comes in a package that you can throw into a purse or back pocket with ease. Plus, no one pays any attention to sprays so you can take it at your leisure without drawing attention.

CBD Tea Buds

alqemist’s Amber Kush Tea Buds have a naturally fruity aroma which we love. But the product itself isn’t as discreet as the other two, largely because of the smell.

After you open your Tea Buds jar, aside from how visually appealing they are, you also won’t be able to stop sniffing the delicious fragrance.

It’s a delicious beverage to have to settle yourself in the morning or to calm down before bed. We followed the alqemist recommendation and tried it with fresh lime, lemon, and ginger.


Apart from the oil and the spray, which are completely free from THC, the CBD tea buds have a THC content of less than 0.2 percent. However, they have no psychoactive effect and make you feel calm and relaxed.

The packaging is very cool looking and might even be mistaken for a balm or a high-end skincare product.

alqemist are strictly against using any agricultural chemicals, pesticides, or the use of genetically modified seeds. Only the most natural, nutrient-rich ingredients are used in their hemp tea so you can drink it worry free.

Independently Assured Quality

In order to ensure more transparency and security for their customers, each alqemist product comes with a batch code. With this code, customers have instant online access to independently-conducted laboratory analyses of their alqemist products.

Always Think About Bioavailability

alqemist ensure that all their products have optimal bio-availability but remember that this depends entirely on your own body.

Finding the most bioavailable product that works for you is still a matter of trial and error. People simply react differently – that’s our highly scientific explanation of bioavailability.

However, don’t experiment with cheap stuff to figure out what works. This tends to end in an unrealistic idea of your body’s reactions.

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