Top 10 Songs to Listen to When You’re High

28th February 2020

Heading off on your holidays to a cannabis-friendly destination? Then you need to take these 10 cannabis-friendly songs with you to enhance the overall experience.

Music can stir the emotions at the best of times but when in a euphoric state of mind something unique happens, something magical. A deep connection is formed between you and the music.

Whether you’re chilling out in a cafe in Amsterdam, a smoking lounge in California or simply hiding in your Canadian hotel room because you ate that brownie way too fast, fear not, we have the perfect compilation of high-friendly music to make it a trip to remember.

1. Tame Impala – Let it Happen

Let It Happen is a fun psychedelic pop/dance tune that will stir your mind. Speaking to NME, frontman Kevin Parker says this song is all about “someone finding themselves in this world”.

It reminds you that your TRUE calling (work, relationships etc) seems to always be nagging at you and sometimes you just have to stop shutting it out and just “Let It Happen”.

2. Childish Gambino – Redbone

Redbone is a slow-moving, psychedelic, soul song by Childish Gambino that will leave you feeling nicely chilled. Gambino (real name Donald Glover) has an incredible vocal range with a distinctly high pitch that is sure to please a higher mind.

3. John Mayer – New Light

Self-deprecation and fun combined with a soft soothing voice result in this catchy pop song. John delivers clever catchy lyrics that captivates us with its magical melody as he tells the story of unrequited love (tell me about it). Watch the video, it’s so much fun!

4. Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas

Welcome to a world where inspiration meets happiness. Heaven or Las Vegas has a familiar 90’s feel to it as does much of this album. Just forget about trying to understand the vocals (I did) and simply let go and FEEL your way to its true meaning for you.

Simple atmospheric melodies will captivate and distract you before the chorus brings you completely out of your shell. You might end up putting it on repeat.

5. Blood Orange – Charcoal Baby

The opening spoken word of this song reminds us to accept who we are (without judgement) and to cherish those closest to us. We are then led into a patient, soulful song with smooth vocals and uniquely tuned guitar riffs before ending with a stylish saxophone solo.

Blood Orange makes you feel alive in a vulnerable yet safe space.

6. Mac Demarco – Choo Choo

This song is a little bonkers, but then aren’t we all? It may come across to some as lazy with childish lyrics but this represents Mac Demarco’s two fingers to conventionalism.

In actual fact, it is an easy-going song that builds slowly with a tasty guitar riff heard throughout. It is the simplicity of the song that ironically brings about its telling significance. Oh, and if you happen to start feeling like your 3-year-old self then all the better.

7. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love

If you are looking for a trippy visual spectacle with an emotional backbone than this is it. Multi-Love is the marriage of pop, soul and funk heavily influenced by the bands psychedelic rock background.

There is clearly a nod to the ’60s but in a fresh new way, we think you will love it especially by watching the video. Trust me. Watch the video. Trippy…

8. Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You

This is the ultimate in cool, chilled-out R&B music. You are about to enter an atmospheric production with melancholy tones and lyrics that delve into the “joys” of constantly thinking about the same person in the ultimate unrequited love.

‘Thinkin Bout You’ has a nice solid beat and rhythm throughout and you are guaranteed to fall in love with Frank Ocean's falsetto vocal range which is so comforting when high.

9. Mac Miller – What's the Use?

Mac Miller takes us on a funky lyrical journey into the greatest of all ships… Relationships. Gulp! A smooth soothing song where Mac captures the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s music all in a 2000’s vibe.

‘What’s The Use’ is an alternative R&B hit sang beautifully by the late Mac Miller. Clever witty rap-like lyrics are immersed in the sounds of a bass guitar, drums, and a layer of percussion resting in the background. It even features weed-loving musicians Snoop Dogg and Thundercat!

10. D'Angelo – Brown Sugar

Feel completely relaxed in this contemporary R&B chillout jam from the cool soothing voice of the highly talented D’Angelo. Brown Sugar is a coming together of modern rap and old soul in a sexy weed ensemble.

Imagine Marvin Gaye and Prince performing one last time in a smoke-filled haze of jazzy chords. This song will take you there.

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