Rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul at The Body Camp, Mallorca

30th June 2019

When you hear of a fitness retreat like The Body Camp, your mind might be thinking of somewhere purely for weight loss but a cursory look at all the online reviews for The Body Camp would indicate that this is a unique life-changing experience that helps to set you on a path to eating properly, sleeping properly, exercising properly and re-energising your focus in life.

I went to check out their recently opened retreat in Mallorca to discover why The Body Camp is going from strength to strength. They've already been running very successful camps in Ibiza for a number of years but their latest venture in Mallorca is going to be year-round and a property they own themselves.

It is situated in Sencelles in an idyllic countryside villa about 30 minutes from Palma airport and away from the temptations of modern-living in big cities. There are 14 en suite rooms which are subtly decorated to exude the rustic charms of country living on the island. Some rooms have air-conditioning and a private balcony, but the only TV they have is in the main “living room” area of the building. They do offer complimentary WiFi, but the experience is about having a digital detox so quick photos are allowed at the start of the meal, etc for food photo taking, otherwise phone use is discouraged.

They run a schedule of activities daily which are not only about getting your limbs moving, but it is also about team-bonding with fellow campers; by the end of your stay, you are more than likely to be on first name terms with everyone else. Between 7am-1pm, they generally have their ‘high-energy, high-fun' compulsory group activities. This can range from mountain hiking to morning yoga to a gladiatorial boxing match. These activities are geared towards all levels and all age groups; encouragement is promoted in the group whilst negativity is frowned upon. For example, with my acrophobia, I didn't manage to complete the mountain hike but every single body camper was extremely supportive and made sure I was feeling 100% comfortable with my surroundings.

In the afternoon, they do offer optional activities such as sightseeing biking tours around the island or you can stay at the retreat and enjoy the numerous activities they have to offer. The swimming pool is one of the more popular places where guests gathered even if they weren't after a dip in the pool, as there are numerous sun-loungers for guests to soak up the Mallorcan sun.

I never thought I would be the type of person to enjoy yoga, being a sufferer of muscle stiffness but the various yoga classes I did at the camp genuinely helped release tensions in my body as well as bring about a certain sense of zen to my spiritual well-being.

They also have a disco gym available 24 hours a day as well as a 360 training circuit. Music is a regular feature to help you take your mind off the physicality of some of the workouts. In fact, guests are woken up each morning with the powerful sounds of 80s music and we also enjoyed a music quiz challenge on one of the nights as an after-dinner activity.

Food plays a critical part of The Body Camp experience and their talented chefs offered innovative plant-based meals that would rival the very best vegan restaurants in London. The staff takes time out to explain the importance of eating healthily and useful substitutions people can use to move towards a more plant-based diet which is not only healthier but more environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a life-changing holiday, check out one of the very best fitness retreats around in the form of The Body Camp.

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